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Nodal Ninja Closed in the US but far from gone!

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  • Nodal Ninja Closed in the US but far from gone!

    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

    To our Friends, Customers, and Fan's,
    It is with great sadness that today I am announcing our plans to close the Nodal Ninja operations here in the US effective Oct 28th 2019. Nodal Ninja will now be headquartered in Hong Kong under the control of Nick Fan of Fanotec International. All future orders will funnel through our authorized dealers.

    I Reiterate
    Nodal Ninja is NOT going out of business!
    We are merely going through a transitional phase.

    We owe you!
    We are not like other companies when one day you wake up and find a company gone. Other panoramic hardware companies close the doors without so much as a goodbye to their customer base. We, on the other hand, feel a debt of gratitude is owed to our hard-earned and loyal customer base as well as the panoramic community. With that said I would like to expound on what brought us to this point. It is a little long-winded.

    Sales in 360 panoramic hardware has been declining for some time. Many factors play into this to include:
    • 360 one-shot solutions. While it will be some time, if even possible, before these solutions will reach the output quality of DSLR's consumers are accepting the compromise in quality.
    • Chinese market. With the advent of more Chinese companies producing cheaper hardware keeping that competitive edge has become more challenging to maintain.
    • Inflation. Considering that over the last 10 years the US has experienced a 19.5% inflation rate while at the same time we have been lowering retail product prices is another challenge we faced.
    • New small business laws and taxes. Very complicated system but at the end of the year the numbers tell the tale. The result of which over the last couple of years has not favored us to the tune of about 7%.
    We have reached the point in the US where we can no longer financially sustain our base of operations here in the US leaving us with 2 possible options.
    • Option 1:
      Stop sales to all dealers and funnel orders through the US. Needless to say, this would be heartless and cold as many dealers rely heavily on the sales of our products, with many opting to only sell the Nodal Ninja brand. This would also be a great disappointment and inconvenience to international customers as well who currently buy from their local dealer.
    • Option 2:
      Close operations in the US. This would force "all sales" to our international dealers which may actually result in a boost in their overall sales. Customers inside North America will purchase directly through B&H Photo.
    The Decision.
    Really a no brainer. In order to keep the Nodal Ninja brand moving forward in a positive direction, we have decided to make the sacrifice and close operations inside the US. Trust me this was not an easy decision to make, especially in light of the fact we have 2 super employees (Thuy and Jason) whom are also affected.

    What's next?
    Many of our recent products have been produced with cross-market appeal in mind. The NN6 and M2 series both have a secondary market in that they can also be used as Gimbal Arms opening the door to Landscape and Wildlife photographers. No other product on the market doubles as a panorama head with upper and lower stops while having the ability to disengage stops and use as a free-wheeling gimbal arm. Our poles can be used for general photography such as over the cliff imagery (see Scott Highton's or rooftop real estate images.
    And now we enter the field of robotics. Mecha is driving the company forward. Single-axis, dual-axis, slider rails with more surprises on the horizon. So please keep spreading the word about our great products.

    What will I do?
    For me personally this is the culmination of a "15-year" journey. The conferences and events we have attended around the globe have rewarded us with memories that will last a lifetime. We have made hundreds of friends along the way. I may no longer be in the public face so much but I will stay on as a part-time advisor helping with this early transition and going beyond.
    For Kim and me, the timing is right for early retirement. The next panorama you see from me might be from some tropical destination with feet in the sand and a beer in hand :-)

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone for everything - it's been a fun ride :-)



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    Sad to see this evolution, but I wish Bill and Kim a very happy retirement and perhaps more time for 360°s.

    Not long ago a new Affiliation Program was launched and I have a number of links to Nodal Ninja from my web site using this and am wondering if these are to the US shop in which case I will need to redirect them, and if so where should I now direct visitors to when they click on these links as I have promoted Nodal Ninja products through my site ever since the early days of affiliation with Leica Geosystems.

    With best wishes for the future to all concerned, Hugh.


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      We may have other resellers to pick up the affiliation program. Although the terms may differ. Stay tuned.
      We listen. We try harder.


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        Thanks Nick,
        I am not to concerned about being part of the affiliation program, but more about where I can direct prospective customers to from my web site.
        As I am in England I already have links to Red Door.


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          Very sad to hear such news but it's market evolution and life cycle ;) Nothing is gone as Nick will be able to continue the great work he is doing ! Long life and prosper :)
          Kim and Bill, enjoy a well worth retirement :)
          Retired Nodal Ninja Distributor


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            B&H carries the main products, but they do not appear to have obscure accessories such as the tripod adaptor for travel pole. I see that has a more complete inventory, but the shipping from Europe is expensive for US customers. So is there a US retailer with the complete catalog?


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              Hi Vincen,

              Drop me an email if you see this message.

              qtluong, we have a new reselling in preparation of store opening. If you need anything Urgently, email me. I can ship you directly from HK.
              nick [at]

              We listen. We try harder.


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                I was trying to figure out the same thing. Been using NN for a long time and NN3 mk3 for a while but I was looking for an RD10 rotator, since I bought mine with the mini, and it is nowhere to be found in the US, and buying things from here in Euros plus shipping, that's just too expensive. Was curious about the new Mecha kit with the 2 rotators installed on an NN3 mk3 setup. That's pretty interesting considering the cost of upgrading an existing NN3 head...but it is also not being sold here in the US.


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                  For special request or support, you can always reach the manufacturer directly.
                  See above post.
                  We listen. We try harder.