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  • Help Choosing Appropriate NN

    Hello all,

    I'm beating myself up looking and looking and looking, trying to determine which NN to purchase. I've been working my way toward spherical panos for years (wider and wider FOV) and have finally reached the stage where I'm ready to go all out. But I'm just not sure. Price point is an issue (when isn't it), but I also don't want to shortchange myself.

    Here's the kit:
    Canon T1i with battery grip (I have read all the pros/cons about keeping the grip on, and with all the other shooting I do in addition to panos, it's staying on.)
    Opteka 6.5mm Aspherical fisheye (fullframe on APS-C)

    Big old heavy Manfrotto tripod, and think I'm going to be picking up a Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head to go with. (Currently have a 3047 which I'll be selling, if anyone's interested.)

    So, suggestions? Thank you for any help.

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    Re: Help Choosing Appropriate NN

    if you want to use the battery grip. Get a NN5/5L. Otherwise NN3II will work fine.

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      Re: Help Choosing Appropriate NN

      If you looking to save some extra $$$ we just posted some used NN5 pkgs from the Tucson2010 conference (loaners) in our store.