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Nikon Z6 lens for taking 360

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  • Nikon Z6 lens for taking 360


    I have a tricky question. I have been shooting 360's with Nikon D800 and Nikkor 10mm lens with Nodal Ninja Ultimate R10. It is near perfect combo and I only need to take 4 pictures (+ fix the nadir). But now I have Nikon Z6 and the Nikkor 10mm is not working with that any more (at least with 4 pictures). Do you know what lens would be good for Z6 body (for taking 360 with 4 pictures)?

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    Hey Rami,
    Welcome to the forum. Does the FOV change with the Z6? You may need to go wider like maybe 8-15mm Nikon


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      Yes. Camera loose the FOV. I have to find right lens for Z body. Maybe 8-15mm would work, but I would like to hear if some one has all ready test if it works...


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        Not sure if this is any help, but I use Nikon 10.5 mm and Samyang 8 mm with a D800 for four shots round and there is not a lot of difference in the coverage so you may need something with an even shorter focal length.
        I guess camera stores don't stock a range of fisheye lenses, but it may be worth a try.