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  • Download 360 images?

    I hope this is an appropriate place to post this - being new to this area, I find some 360's online I like, is there any good way to download them? There are many tools and tutorials for downloading Google 360 street views, but these are not that.
    For example:

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    Sorry to disappoint you but you can't download photography works like that ! It's just violating copyright rules ! You have to ask owner of panorama/photos if he's ok to give you a download right but I guess most of them won't without you paying a fee, as it's a work they have done and it's not free !
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      The question that springs to my mind is "Why do you wish to download the 360 Panoramas?"

      As Vincen points out, copyright rules apply and if you wish to use images from the Internet commercially then you should expect to pay.
      However, you may find that if you wish to use them for education or charity purposes that you may be given permission to use them at no cost.

      You will usually find some contact information somewhere so ask for permission and explain what you wish to do with the.images.
      The link you posted has an 'About' / 'About us' / 'contact' option:

      Make contact and explain what you wish to do with the images.
      You may find that you will be given permission to use the image at no cost and even find that you will be sent a higher resolution than displayed on the Internet!

      Last month I relieved a request from Travelling Telescope ( who wished to use one of my 360 Panoramas taken at Lalibela to present to the children of East Africa about the eclipse of the sun that was going to take place on 21st June as Lalibela was right on the path of totality so I sent them the original Equirectangular at no cost as this was for a good cause.