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    Still looking forward to learning from your proposed video, but appreciate you re a busy person and making videos requires time and effort so wondering if in the meantime a succinct text user guide will show us where to start experimenting.


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      I know, is true I'm very busy now, plus right after I said I'll post a video I realized that because I'm using 4 monitors on my PC, the record of the process will take more time than for other videos.

      But in the mean time here are the instructions, excellent idea, BTW :)

      1) apply the template you use for this kind of lens and shooting pattern,
      2) divide the images in two categories,
      (a) those who are features for points to be placed automatically
      (b) those which have only sky and wire lines.
      3) Focus only (a) images and align them properly, the best you can
      4) lock the (a) images they will have no reasons to move.

      5) Now is the time for (b) images

      6) Manually place just few CP, 2-4 on each, like 1a, 1b, 1a being on (a) image 1b is its pair (b) you put one on (a) PTgui will guide you roughly for (b)
      e.g. the points should be , say, on wires, you have no details on wires but you can target the wire (you cannot miss it , actually the wire will act like an axis decimate, instead of 2 axis you only have one, the wire one, the other axis will be converted in CP distance)
      7) remember the (a) is locked, optimize the y,p,r for (b) take look at the CP distance for that particular point.. you need to use detail viewer on one screen (if possible, I do)
      Dag the point on (b) but keep it on wire, the distance will
      7a) increase
      7b) decrease
      you'll find quickly how to have the minimum distance for that point, you can work with a pair of points in the same time,
      one at the extreme left of (b) image and another o the extreme right distance of the image, most likely you'll need at least 3rd one up or down in (b)
      Sure, the goal is to have minimum distance for all the points you drag.

      8) You'll see how magically the wires start to align properly, with no need for masks.

      I hope I din't missed an important step now, if you try, you might add some steps according with your experience in PTGui.
      1. Mecha it possible.
      2. Mecha it easy.
      3. Mecha team up.

      4. ..


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        Thank you Dorin, much appreciated.
        I will work through the process you have described.