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  • IR Receiver suggestion

    IR Remote suggestion
    It would be good to have a small IR receiver that plugs in directly to the Mecha. Would not need a lot of individual IR receivers but would be good if it had an integrated AUX input for shutter confirmation. It would enable a quicker setup when you don't need the extra distance, messing with cables, etc.

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    The IR remote needs line of sight between emitter and reciver. When the receiver is moved and rotated, it can lose line of sight. So we include multiple receivers.

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      Maybe a short cable version. I want to avoid the phone, especially at night as the screen is a pain to use and the light from the screen affects the night photos.
      I will only be using it for 200-degree panos and will be standing next to the tripod so line of site will not be a problem.
      Would it be possible to get a copy of the IR receiver circuit with the socket for the shutter confirmation? I am happy to make up one myself.
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