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Caves in Cayman Islands

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  • Caves in Cayman Islands

    Hi All,

    Here are a few shots of Caves in Cayman Brac.

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    Re: Caves in Cayman Islands

    Looks like your documenting many areas there at Cayman Brac. It would be great if you could incorporate these panos into google earth so we can see where on the island these places are.
    Also bracketing would helped the high and lows with those cool caves shots.
    Keep up the great work.


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      Re: Caves in Cayman Islands

      Hi Bill
      I did some of them bracketing. For the first a few shots are without bracketing since I am still learning and John Houghton helps me a lot. This photo is with +/- 2 with 1 EV steps and using total of 45 source picture. I am documenting for local tourist attraction places.
      I want to add it into google earth but I do not know the exact location and I need to get GPS. What GPS do you use?
      I am waiting for the adapter to arrive so that I can play with new toy R1 and pole to shoot over the cliff.
      Thanks for your comments



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        Re: Caves in Cayman Islands

        Hey Wilco,
        Pleasure speaking with you on the phone the other day - looking forward to seeing some of those panoramas you were talking about doing.
        On Google just eyeball it as close as you can by zooming into Google Earth or Google Maps. In Google Earth you'll see others posting pictures of the same area as you zoom in as well. I have GPS accessory to my Nikon and some can even use GPS apps for their iphones if you have service in the areas.