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  • The World Wide Panorama

    If you are interested in creating or even just viewing VR panoramas you will want to have a look at The World Wide Panorama.

    We hold events four times a year, on the solstices and equinoxes, open to everyone. Three of the events have themes and a limited time frame - you must shoot during the period of the event and try to somehow illustrate the theme. Recent themes have been "crossroads", "forgotten places", "food", "performing arts", "time" and "diversity". The website is updated when everyone has had a chance to complete their entries.

    The final event of the year is "Best of ...", to which you may submit any single panorama you have taken that year.

    The World Wide Panorama was founded in March 2004 to promote the community of VR photography and showcase their work. By participating you will be joining over a thousand others who have contributed more than 6000 panoramas over the last six years. You may also provide personal and company information in the "Meet the People" section.

    This is a not-for-profit website with no advertising, managed by The World Wide Panorama Foundation. You retain full copyright and your name will always be associated with your work. We take seriously the responsibility of preserving the valuable work submitted to the WWP.

    We look forward to seeing your panoramas become part of the World Wide Panorama!

    The WWP team:
    G. Donald Bain
    Landis Bennett
    Markus Altendorff
    Bostjan Burger
    Keith Martin
    Pat Swovelin

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    Hey Don - not sure if you are watching this thread - now only 9 years old. But if you are how is WWP going? There are some stunning panoramas on display.