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Do we really need HDRI or can PTGuiPro Exposure Fusions solve the problem?

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  • Do we really need HDRI or can PTGuiPro Exposure Fusions solve the problem?


    we often have questions in forums about high dynamic range situations, how to solve the problem and which workflow do we use. Is HDRI possible in busy places? People moving around? Some users say no.

    I shot -3 to +3 EV with a bracketing set of 7 pics in RAW and JPEG.

    The result you see was taken in Jpeg to DxO to remove CA, noise, dust spots, I had a lot of them, and convert to 16bit tiff.

    Imported to PTGuiPro, HDRI set to "exposure fusion only", mask out ghosts at the end of the "tunnel",
    set the nadir shots right, and this is the result. I know I have to level vertical horizontal. I will do this in a detailed workflow later.

    For me personally, remember the discussion about the HDRI artificial look of the lisboa castle of Vincen, in a lot of cases PTGui PRO exposure fusion only does a great job. Of course you can say there is a difference to what I have seen at the moment I took the shots referring to the white walls and their corners on top. My eye saw the corners of course. But how far to we have to go to? Could Anselm Adams come out with a result like this?

    No polarize filter is used. I could manage reflections in glasses because the lights inside the shops was on. This solves a lot. Once the light were shut down, a moment later, I could see myself and the equipment in a lot of glasses around me.

    A quiz to you: where is the spot which I should change or leave it alone cause you see a part of me/equipment?

    Use Shift, CTRL on mac to zoom in and out.

    I feel free for comments.

    So long,

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    Hello Heinz,

    I have just sent a detailed reply to your message (Friday 28th @ 19:45 BST) but I am not sure if it has gone OK because I cannot see it in my "Sent Items".

    If you have not received it in a reasonable time, please let me know.

    Best regards, Hugh,


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      I have received it, it does not show with IM I suppose.