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360 with my new camera

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  • 360 with my new camera

    Last weekend the first 360 panorama with my new Canon EOS 1D X:

    The nadir without editing, almost the nodalpoint fixed:

    The flash version. (=> link outside this website)

    Next weekend i'll fine tune the nodalpoint of the NN.

    Equipment used:

    • Canon EOS-1D X
    • Sigma 8mm f/4 fisheye
    • NNL5
    • EZ Leveler II
    • RD16
    • Fanotec's dedicated plate (QRP2)
    • Manfrotto 055XDB
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    My website:
    8,67 Gigapixels Panorama:

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    The panorama is fine and the panohead setup appears to be ok. The nadir and zenith areas need some attention, though - the dark patch at the nadir should be easy to adjust to blend in perfectly. The Sigma 8mm f/4 doesn't seem to be very appropriate on a £4000 fullframe camera. Half of the available pixels will be wasted. A 15mm fisheye or the Canon 8-15mm fisheye would be a better choice.