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The Perfect Scene to Reveal Parallax

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  • The Perfect Scene to Reveal Parallax

    our customer, NASATech, finished a big project last week. Some scenes have lots of grids, pipes, wires, all in different 3D space. They are very challenging to stitch if NPP is not set properly.

    NASATech also gave us a great testimonial, after finishing the big project last week.

    “Of course, they were all shot with the Ultimate M1. I spent 4.5 hours from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm maintaining a steady pace. The totals were 3369 images that resulted 1123 HDR shots and from that I was able to put together 38 pans. They all stitched together without any problems. I couldn't have done those numbers or had the nearly perfect stitches without the ease and precision of the Ultimate M1. It's a beautiful piece of equipment!”
    We listen. We try harder.