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3D panorama examples for viewing on 3D TV

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  • 3D panorama examples for viewing on 3D TV

    Hello Forum,

    There are several ways to publish and view 3D panoramas, for ColorCode 3D system (amber/blue viewer), Anaglyph system (red/cyan viewer) and since recent also for 3D TV (shutter glass and polarized viewers).

    I already had some examples for ColorCode and Anaglyph systems and now I also have some examples for 3D TV on my website.

    When comparing the different 3D systems imo the winner is the 3D TV, better colors, no cross talk (color ghosting) and the tolerance for wrong colors of the screen makes the 3D TV the best choice for publishing and viewing 3D panoramas.

    I have tested several 3D panoramas on my mid level 2013 LG 3D TV with Cinema system (interlaced with polarized viewers) and a mid level 2013 Samsung 3D TV with shutter glass system.

    Unfortunately the webbrowsers of both 3D TV's I tested did not support 3D display for the 3D panoramas.
    It seems that only streaming content like movies and images with a native 3D format, like .MPO, can be displayed in 3D by the webbrowsers, perhaps this is an issue that effects all present models of 3D TV's.

    The workaround for this limitation is to deliver 3D panoramas as a 1080p stream from another device.

    For testing I used an iPad Air, iPad 3, iPhone 5, MacBook Pro Retina 15" and iMac connected with ApplePlay and AppleTV 3 streaming to the 3D TV.
    The webbrowsers I used on OSX are Google Chrome and iCab (both free), these webbrowsers can display fullscreen without any bar.
    Having the option to go fullscreen by the webbrowser is a must, the full screen button of the controller can't be used for 3D panoramas.

    On iPad I used webbrowsers iCab Mobile (payed app) and Browser (free app).
    Browser is not as good as iCab Mobile, when set in full screen mode the elements of the iOS info bar are still visible in iOS7 but for occasional full screen use or trying out it is a fine webbrowser.
    On iPhone I used the default Safari browser, in landscape position it is fullscreen.

    My findings,
    Due to the 4:3 ratio of the iPad screen I get black bars on the TV at the left and right side of the panorama, instead of 1920 px wide the image is only 1440 px wide.
    When the TV is set to zoom-in, then the black bars are gone, this is a good workaround for the black bars issue (see image below).

    A small issue I have with iPads is that the webbrowser sometimes crashes, hopefully a new release of iOS7 can resolve this issue.
    Despite the native 16:9 screen ratio of the iPhone 5 the image quality is last in the row, reason is the less then optimal screen resolution (not full HD) for a 1080p stream.
    With MacBook Pro Retina and iMac (both HD and 16:9 ratio) the results are best.

    If you have a 3D TV and like to give the 3D panorama examples a try then I really like to hear about your findings.

    Edit: an alternative for Apple devices could be the use of Miracast if your 3D TV and Android or Windows device supports this system:

    In case there is some interest by forum members who have a 3D TV and like to know how to display their 3D panoramas on 3D TV then I am willing to make a short tutorial.

    Happy 3D viewing,
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    Hi Wim,

    Thanks for sharing. I am just looking into buying a 3D TV for exploring 3D panos. Shutter glass system will give higher resolution, right?

    We listen. We try harder.


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      Originally posted by nick fan View Post
      ..... I am just looking into buying a 3D TV for exploring 3D panos. Shutter glass system will give higher resolution, right? ....
      Hello Nick,

      Yes, in theory shutter glass systems have twice the amount of pixels, in practice you don't notice this.
      Both systems has advantages, the main advantage of interlaced systems is the lower price for the TV and the very cheap glasses you use for viewing.
      On my LG Cinema system (interlaced) I use the viewers I bought at a cinema some time ago, the extra price I payed for the polarized viewers was just 1 euro so if you decide to go for an interlaced system and a viewer get broken by the kids you will not get angry ;-)