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My first pano, palm spring montains, thanksgiving weekend

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  • My first pano, palm spring montains, thanksgiving weekend

    Comments welcome : )

    For the details :
    D750 with Sigma 20mm f/1.4
    f/13, iso 100, 1/250s
    Nodal Ninja 6 on meefoto roadtrip and ptguipro for the stitching

    Tripod shadow erased with photoshop content aware fill, nadir took by holding the camera while my girlfriend took the tripod away.

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    A very nicely executed panorama. To be picky: some people regard lens flares a feature of the panorama whereas others consider them a fault. If you want to avoid them, take extra shots with the sun masked by a small disc at the end of a stick or wire (or even your hand). These can then be used to eliminate the flare spots and also any veiling glare that reduces contrast in those areas. While of no particular consequence, zooming in does reveal some minor double imaging at the nadir which might be due to less than perfect alignment of the nadir shot with its neighbours or just disturbance of the ground by footsteps. The application of viewpoint correction doesn't always guarantee invisible seams, especially when the ground isn't perfectly flat. In such cases, I blend the aligned nadir in Photoshop using the transform tools to tweak the image into precise alignment followed by auto-blend.



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      I write offering my hearty thanks to John Houghton. I was just getting serious about panoramas about eight years ago, and John offered advice on better nadir stitching. I was at the nadir of my panoramic career and prospects have improved. John has the patience to tactfully deal with us newcomers.

      Five hundred panoramas later, I am still on the learning curve of this art and science:

      A recent panorama involved depth-of-field 50cm to infinity, and a nadir tilted at 45deg:

      Thank you John, and now I need to follow your advice regarding Photoshop editing and corrections.