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City hall area 360 pano

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  • City hall area 360 pano


    recently I did a 360 pano shot of the place in front of the city hall (german: rathaus) in the little village where I live.
    This time I shot it with the 40mm pancake lens on my Canon APS-C camera(FF equiv. 64mm)

    I shot it from a pole with a height of approximately 3m.

    Alltogether 149 shots results in a stitched equirectangular photo of 65122*32561 (~2 Gigapixels)
    The 16bit tif file has a size of ~15GB and is only very slow to handle in photoshop for minor corrective processing. This is certainly the limit of my current PC with i7 and 32GB of RAM. It was only a test for me to find out my limitations.

    The linked virtual pano is based on the downscaled 10000*5000 pixels jpg file.

    Don't miss the other views that are available by right clicking in the panorama, espacially the little planet view is quite funny.

    best regards
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    There is an incorrect link. I'll glad to see your pano.
    Also which model of camera you used?


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      Hi Nency,

      I will fix the link later when I'm home from work. Maybe I deleted it by mistake as I cleaned up my ftp account recently.
      The Camera is the EOS M5. I used the pancake 40mm lens with the EF to EF-M adapter.

      kind regards

      I just found the error. I recently changed something with my domain. Try instead the following link (.com replaced by .de)
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