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Advice on using Ultimate M2 Nadir Adapter

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  • Advice on using Ultimate M2 Nadir Adapter

    Hi everyone - hope all are well and staying safe. I have been successfully taking panos for several years, using PTGui and either robotic or manual pano heads. I always did my nadir correction by moving the tripod to either side of the nadir and taking angled photos of the nadir position, then doing perspective correction in PTGui. This successfully captured the nadir and removed the tripod image.

    A few days ago, I went out into the lock-down wilderness and took a pano with my new Ultimate M2 equipped with the nadir adapter - the first time I used this setup. I followed an online video that instructs to take a nadir shot, and then move tripod 2-lengths of the vertical arm-nadir distance, and then use the nadir adapter to take the correction shot straight down. For me, that was about 8 inches of tripod movement. When I processed in PTGui, I found that a small amount of tripod image was left in the pano that could not be removed. This was from the nadir correction shot, a piece of the tripod was positioned underneath where the original nadir was.

    Anyway, does anyone have tips on how to optimally use the nadir adapter as well as tripod leg positioning, or should I just go back to using my old method?


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    You can slide the lower rail to furthest from nadir. You can move your tripod a bit further away from the original position. You can also take 2 nadir shots.
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