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  • Stitchless Demo Tour

    I'd like to get in touch with the developer that put together the stichless tour example here:
    Would love to learn more about the process to shoot and put it online.

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    I introduced it here

    Basically you need
    1) a Fanotec rotator (manual or automatic) highly recommended MECHA C1+E1,
    2) a fish-eye lens
    3) a way to mount the lens or camera on rotator, highly recommended R1 with a lens ring.
    4) a DSLR to use the fisheye on, camera will be in landscape orientation
    a) if your DSLR is crop you'll be able to do tours like this
    b) if your DSLR is full frame, thus the fish-eye can cover more FOV up and down you'll be able to do tour like this

    As hardware recommendation will be this bundle,
    the lens ring is depending on lens

    As Software, beside the STC archive, you'll need krpano available at
    if you don't have it already.

    After initial set-up you'll need just to shot,
    the fish-eye images JPEG be directly in panoramas,
    sure you can take RAWs as well and convert to JPEG for better quality.

    Depending on what camera and fish-eye you have, I can give more specific info.

    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.

    MECHA Support mecha(at)


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      What about the software part? Can I download it / buy it so I can customize it?


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        You need to buy krpano license to be able to display, although for testing you can use the demo version which will display "krpano / demo version" in the middle, as you can see in dem tours.

        The demo version of krpano can be downloaded for free, you can buy the license later, after you test it.

        The STC part is free to be used with any Fanotec rotator, manual or automatic,
        it is customizable, is just need to try it first to see if is any need for customization, it does requires some parameters once to be set, then all the tours with that camera and lens can use the same file almost unchanged albeit the file name or tilt if you change tilt,
        e.g. for FF camera is no need to change tilt, and even for crop you may find that, say -10° tilt can be fine for all the interiors in a tour.

        the STC part can be downloaded from MECHA or from the introducing thread, along with the demo tour,

        Once you're ready to try, i.e. you have all the HW, please post here and I'll guide you about those parameters you need to set only once in the STC file
        1. Mecha it possible.
        2. Mecha it easy.

        MECHA Support mecha(at)


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          Thanks, I'm already playing with it :)