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Video - Fanotec's new Carbon Fiber pole

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  • Video - Fanotec's new Carbon Fiber pole

    Applications include aerial panoramic photography, ideal for tourism, festivals, surveys, construction planning, and many other applications. It provides a new, exciting perspective of landmarks and landscapes at elevated height. Obstacles no longer obstruct the view at the location.

    Fanotec poles are easy to operate and carry. They can be extended to maximum height in minutes by pushing up and locking each telescoping section. Made of carbon fiber tubes, they are light-weight, portable and are ideal for on-the-go situations and areas not accessible to vehicle mounted units.

    Fanotec poles are modular in design. Users can start up with a small module and gradually build up the height by stacking it to a larger module. Each module can be used independently (additional parts needed), creating an array of short poles with different stiffness for different applications, such as horizontal pole for cliff panoramas.

    Features and Highlights:

    * Thick cross-layered carbon fiber tubes for maximum rigidity and durability
    * Light weight 0.75 kg (1.6lb)
    * Compact in size - fit most cars
    * Max Height 2.75m (9’)
    * Contracted Length 0.81 m (2’ 8”)
    * Anti-rotation system maintains rigid azimuth / yaw locking /accuracy
    * support a large range of DSLRs
    * 3/8" stud and 3/8" female receiver for working with other accessories
    For more Specs see our store listing - click here


    Note: The Fanotec Pole Series 1 is more intended for commercial applications and not recommended for those new to pole photography. We are developing accessories to make them more user friendly to novice users.

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    Wow nice ;) with classical music ;) Perhaps you should have shown how each section unfolds ? :/
    Retired Nodal Ninja Distributor


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      Congrats Bill and Nick,

      I had the same experience to see what's in the box yesterday late afternoon. Your parcel arrived!! Thx for help Bill.

      Good solid pole, easy to handle. Sliding up and down is easy with nicely gliding sections. Nice solid parts on top end and at the base.

      This pole offers a great range to use it. I used some of my earlier ordered accessories. I assembled Pole to small Gitzo tripod at the bottom, rotator on top of tripod. In small places, even this is the shortest pole of the serie - ? -, it will extend the camera to a height above sourrounding people.

      Next test for our free hand monopod shooter specialists like DennisS: base Feisol monopod. I took my R1 apart, Top and RD4 rotator. RD4 rotator with added bubble leveller fixed to top of monopod. Pole on top. Top of R1 fixed to new mini adaptor clamp, this fixed to the "chamgignon base" on top of pole. The new Mini Adaptor set is very handy to have a quick release set for the camera on top. But even with the basic set of pole system, with the screws added, you can fix whatever you want to top and base.

      Next test on top of tripod: of course you can fix the pole to any stable tripod. My personal decision: place the rotator right on front of my shoulders in between base - tripod or monopod - and pole section. I tried RD4, my old RD8, with 6mm/3.8 adaptor screw on top to fix to pole. Plus a third party rotator. Then it was dark and raining outside, so I decided to go on with tests today. My rooms are not high enough to extend the pole. for add ons.

      Pictures will follow.

      Conclusion: a very good system adding a lot of new possibilities to everyones own choice of workflow.

      Another golden step to expand the already golden standard of this system.

      And all this with two guys on top, who are ABLE to listen customer's comments, producing new very solid products and expanding the system. Customers can reach them. "Beyond spamfilters, email use, and every fault an bloody customer can make!!"
      I think the secret of Nodal Ninjas success are solid good products at a reasonable price, brilliant service, and they take their time to develop their system than to think about criteria "when to write off a customer"!! This is added for "special guests" on our forum.

      Thx, and best regards,

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        Hi Guys,

        I believe, for a lot of us it seemed to be a long time till the first Fanotec's new Carbon Fiber Pole was availible. I received mine end last week. And it was worth the time! A lot of variations to combine the pole with accessories.

        To let you know what accessory parts you have to order to fit your own workflow decisions without having to wait for extra orders, I decided to already publish my beta version of pictures around the new Pole System. Others showing the pole in action will follow depending on weather and my time conditions.

        Comments about faults and hints are appreciated.

        [link deleted by admin]

        Download time will be reduced when everything is ready.

        Some pictures are taken with my older discontinued RD12 Rotator, so do not be confused. All pictures ©2010 Nodal Ninja.

        Best regards,

        [Admin edit note: We had to delete the link - many of these images had text applied which may be edited for use in upcoming manual - we thank Heinz for his valuable contribution]
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          @ Heinz,
          Appreciate the kind words as always. Nick is doing a great job in product development.

          @ Vincen,
          We are doing a series of videos with the new poles and we'll also do some outdoors ones as well.



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            Bill, has the video linked here been disabled? I'm not able to view it. I get a message saying, "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."



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              Hi Judy - we pulled the pole video's but are working up some manuals.