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Pole Panoramas with a rectilinear lens?

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  • Pole Panoramas with a rectilinear lens?

    I posted this before but I think the subject may have been a bit too vague. . .

    I'm looking at a pole system for a possible upcoming project. I have a very basic question - how workable is pole shooting with a camera/lens combo (D800e/Nikkor 16mm in my case) that requires Nadir and Zenith shots? Having never tried a pole setup, it would seem to be exceptionally difficult - especially the nadir(s). Wondering if I'd be better off purchasing a true fisheye and sacrificing some resolution.

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    with a rigid tripod and tripod adapter, it is doable for 3 rows if you have the patience. It depends on how many panos you want to make in a short time.

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      Now that I have my gear I've been experimenting but I'm also interested in hearing advice from the experts:

      I have a Pole 2 set/RS-1 with Nadir adapter/Nikon D800e/Nikkor16mm.

      The standard shooting pattern for the 16mm/D800e is 6 roundshots+nadir+zenith. What I'm looking for is suggestions on shooting the nadir/zenith:

      Shoot from ground level and use viewpoint correction to stitch?

      Retract the pole, change camera angle, re-extend and shoot from there? (Sending the camera back up on an extended nadir adapter feels less than optimal to me but that could be beginner nerves)