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Cut down Series 1 lower unit.

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  • Cut down Series 1 lower unit.

    I have a few questions about the lower unit.
    My understanding is that the sections in the lower unit are each longer than the sections in the upper unit for series 1? So that the overall closed length of the combined pole increases more drastically than would be required simply to accommodate the upper unit? This essentially creates empty space in the bottom of the lower unit when contracted fully?

    If this is indeed the case, would it be possible to order a custom lower unit that has been cut down to minimize contracted length? I understand that this would reduce the extended length by 3 times the contracted savings, however portability is of greater concern for me that maximum exstention. A 1m pole that extends to 5m would suit my needs much better than a 1.3m pole that extends to 6m, if this is possible.

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    The lower unit for pole 1 is acutally from Pole 2. We have no plan to make a dedicated lower unit for pole 1.

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      Maybe I should share the design intend of the pole system.
      Pole1 - 4 sections, 1 module in total to ~3m
      Pole2 - 6 sections, 2 module in total to ~6m
      Pole3 - 9 sections, 3 module in total to ~13m

      Lower unit for Pole 2 can be fitted to Pole 1.
      Last 4 sections of Pole 3 can be fitted to Pole 2.

      We listen. We try harder.