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  • Pole Series 2 accessories!

    Hello! I need advice on this topic! What accessories do I need to complete the purchase of a Pole Series 2 Complete (F7105)? What accessories? I would use it mounted on the tripod!

    I work with a D7000, 10.5mm, NN3 (old), RD16-II, EZ Leveler II and Manfrotto 055XDB.

    Thank you!


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    You can either use a RS-1/2 to shoot Zenith and Nadir in NPP. Or you can use the R1/R10 on top. QMM Quick Mount Mini Systems to mount and dismount easily. A Pole 2 Leveler. A tripod adapter. And a Lens Ring for your Nikkor 10.5. And to take all this away Pole 2 Case.

    I do not know if you already have a rotator, best fit would be RD5 on top of tripod adapter 28mm for manfrotto center column, but measure it.

    Now you should be fully equipped.

    Feel free to ask,
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      Hello! I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused! Why I can not use my NN3 for this type of production? Why do I need the RS-half or R1/R10? It has to do with the photo zenith and nadir? I would need more information on this type of production! How is the process?

      Thank you!


      PS: I have a rotator RD16-II
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        You can use the NN3 as well on top of the pole. But it is more heavy than the other types. In case the NN3 has a standard rotator, you can use your RD16II on top of the Nadir adapter.

        Click image for larger version

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        You have to get the RD8 RD16 to NN3 install kit as well.

        Sorry to confuse you.

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          Thanks! Some questions!

          The NN3 is heavier than the RS-1/2 and R1/R10?
          How do I take a photo zenith with the RS-1/2 and R1/R10, using my D7000 and my 10.5mm? Which of the two is better for me using this equipment?
          Pulley system operates with two rotators? One low and one up? What is right for the top?

          Sorry for so many questions but I do not know the pole system!

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            The only panoheads you can shoot in NPP are RS-1 and RS-2 as well as on your NN3. R1 R10 are designed to shoot single row panos and shooting a Zenith and Nadir is complicated. The difference between RS-1 and RS-2 is the upper rotator. RS-2 uses the upper rotator of the NN4 with detend 15° presets. RS-1 does not have a preset and is free movable. This is the one I'd recommend for your equipment.

            Once you mount a panohead to top of a pole, you should try to bring your weight as near to the pole as possible to avoid bending. The best way would be directly above the pole. Like R1 R10. Because there was a question for shooting Zenith and Nadir in NPP, Nick developed the RS-1.
            Using your NN3, you have an upper rail instead of a clamp in place of the upper rotator. Mounting your camera on NN3, will bring the camera aside of top of pole. The lower rail is longer as well as the one of RS-1.

            So RS-1 is a combination out of R1 and a smaller NN3 using a lens ring mount

            Click image for larger version

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Name:	R1-S_QMM_RD5_4.jpg
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            With RS-1 you can just turn your camera around in NPP.

            To get to know a little bit about shooting Zenith and Nadir with R1 /R10 have a look at this link:

            What do you mean by Pulley System?

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              Hello! I will try, with my basic English, to explain as best as possible ... Thanks to your information, I realize that the Ultimate R1/R10 Series is not what I need!


              The Ultimate Mini, RS-1, you say it's the best option for having free mobility in the upper rotator, but I work with the rotator to -15 ° (d7000, 10.5mm). The RS-2 has a stop set at -15 °?

              NN3 lose the stability? I'm getting this right?

              What accessories I need for the RS-1/2? It covers well the zenith? I can also use for indoors, right?

              If I wanted to buy the Ultimate M Series, could use it to the pole or would be too heavy?

              Please be patient with me!

              Thank you!



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                Hi Vedder,

                First of all, M1 is too heavy and not designed for use on pole.

                Now to the difference in upper rotators:

                The upper rotator of the RS-1 has an index ring with 5° marks and can be moved free around. That means you can move it to any position you want, +5°, -15° etc.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_6753.jpg
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Name:	DSC_6755.jpg
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                The RS-2 upper rotator has a detend preset with 15° degree. That means when you open it up, you can move steps with 15° only, up or down. You can not set it to anything in between the 15° fixed preset.

                Click image for larger version

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                Conclusion: you have more freedom with the free movable RS-1 Upper Rotator.

                Yes, it covers Zenith and Nadir and you can use it indoors as well as on the pole. Plus you can use it with Nadir Adapter to shoot Nadir1 and Nadir2. That's why it is flexible for all your needs.

                A pole is stable having its weight directly down to the bottom. Adding something on top which is outside the center of pole, will tend to bend the pole. NN3 fixes your camera more outside the center than RS1. That's why RS-1 should be your choice.

                Now about lower rotators:

                You can not use your standard NN3 Rotator on a pole. As you told us you have a RD16II which you can use.

                When you use a pole, it is necessary to use it at the bottom and not on top of the pole. You want to use your pole on a tripod. Therefor you have to use one of the Tripod Adapters. You can place your RD16II, the one you already own, to the adapter.
                In case you do not want to change your equipment every time you use the pole, I'd get a RD5 Rotator and place it on top of the Adapter. Then you have a set for normal panorama and one for pole shooting.

                Hope this help you out of your questions,
                fell free to ask, success Heinz

                BTW: As you can see I use a D7000 10.5mm/f2.8 for demonstration pictures.-) I know what I am talking about.
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                  Thanks for all the information, hindenhaag! I'll see what I do!