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The Pole System Newbie thread

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  • The Pole System Newbie thread

    There's a lot of great information on this forum, but there isn't really a thread for folks just starting with pole systems.

    That's my situation so I thought I'd start a thread to record the challenges I run into and inevitable mistakes that I make for the benefit of others just starting with NN pole systems.

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    First of all, be prepared for a slightly sick feeling the first time you mount your camera and begin extending the pole.

    I was surprised at just how unnerving it was. The feeling of not having "control" of your expensive camera on the end of the pole (because you can't touch it) is surprisingly strong, at least for me.


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      We are all used to leveling the camera on a tripod to get an even panorama.

      That applies to pole shooting as well, but it's doubly important because you're not just leveling your shots.

      You're also BALANCING THE POLE


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        Don't forget that you will need a wireless remote. I've been very happy with this one:


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          Practice Practice Practice.

          If you are holding the pole (without a tripod) it takes a while to get used to how much is sways in a light breeze and then the weight of the camera starts to come into play.

          Also forgetting to set something on the camera and having to lower and re-raise it makes your mistakes very obvious to others.



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            Originally posted by mosleyh View Post
            We are all used to leveling the camera on a tripod to get an even panorama.
            I never level the camera. It's not a requirement for obtaining an even panorama, whatever that might be.