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    Hi guys

    Now I have to try this pole thing. But I have a few questions:

    A) Should I select Series one or two? - does the complete series two extends higher or is it just sturdier?

    B) If I just wanted one half to start up with - should I buy the series one or series two upper half?

    C) I am an certified Google photographer - and on the top i have my NN R1 with my NN RD5 rotator. I dont want to disassemble the RD5 from the NN R1 every time I have to shoot a pole pano. (i know it will be a little heavier). Is that a problem?
    D) Does the bolt in the pole fit the RD5 bottom?

    D) I am going to buy a footclamp and a pole rotator. . I have two fisheyes - a Samyang 8mm and a Simma 8mm. I want to use the both. With the Samyang I need 6 shots around, with the Sigma only 4
    How smooth does the pole rotator go? Should I buy the "6 shots around"-rotator or the 12 shots around?, So I can use both.

    Looking forward to hear your answer.

    Greetings from Denmark
    Jesper Frehr

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    Hi Jesper,

    a) Pole Series 2 extends higher and is studier because it is thicker. have a look to the link:

    b) You should get Pole 2 Series Lower Unit because it is sturdier and acts as the base part of Pole 2 Series. You have to get the Pole 2 Series Top Plate to use it on it one.

    c) It makes no sense to have the rotator on top of the pole, because you have to come down and raise again for every shot around. You can not reach the rotator to move to the next click. So may be you get another RD5 and place it on top of the foot plate to shoot pole panos. I would avoid every extra weight on top of the pole. Instead you could use a Quick Mount Mini Systems between R1 and RD5 and get a second QMM Plate on top of the pole.

    d) Yes it does.

    e) In this case I should go for the 12 shots around.

    f) Do not forget the Pole 2 Series level or the advanced level.

    g) May be you like to take things with you and store all the parts or leave then on the pole get a case.

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