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  • Help to chose the right equipment

    Hi everyone, I need your help to chose the right equipment to start to take pictures with poles.
    I need elevated views of cities (mostly very crowded places like famous piazza's or landmarks) and landscapes like beaches, most of the times with single shoot (vertical or horizontal) but also with the possibilities of shoot more pictures to combine in 2:1 or 3:1 panoramas.
    My equipment is Canon 5D MkIII + BL-5DIII kirk L-plate with 17 ts-e and 24 ts-e

    Poles Series 2 are the right elevation for my purposes, but please help me to figure out what else I need for example how to attach the camera at the pole, wich Live View operating system, how to shoot up to 3:1 panoramas.

    Thank you very much for any feedback.

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    For best stability, you need tripod with Tripod Adapter for pole and a rotator such as Pole Rotator or RD5/ RD16II at the base. If you don't need to change the tile angle, you can simply mount a QRC-40A on top of the pole and mount your L plate there. You need to shoot at a interval of 45/36 deg for portrait mode and 60/45 deg for landscape mode for 17mm and 24mm respectively.
    For even better stability in the winds, you can buy the guy wire system for Pole 2.
    Yes, you can also use footplate if you don't want to use tripod. Just step on it. You may also need a bubble leveler.

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