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instructions for quick mount mini adapter and tripod pole adapter

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  • instructions for quick mount mini adapter and tripod pole adapter

    Hey folks

    Any there any diagrams/videos that explain how both the quick mount mini adapter and tripod pole adapter are supposed to be put together and work?

    There was nothing in the box explaining how the mini adapter is supposed to fit together or work (and for the life of me I can't figure it out)

    I got a paper with the tripod pole adapter, but I must be missing something because I don't understand how you can rotate the pole when it's set up. the top part is so tight on the pole that it won't move.

    * I tried searching the forum but I keep getting an internal server error message.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    I'll try to give you some explanation:

    Sorry, can't add pics at the time cause of problems with manage attachments. I'll add them later. As soon as it will work again, you will have an answer to all your questions.

    The top part of the tripod adapter is only to keep the pole in place. Do not fixe
    it too hard. The upper part has to be able to let the pole move in it. So just release it a little bit.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	R1-R10 Head Only Quick Release Version-2.jpg
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Name:	R1-R10 Head Only Quick Release Version-3.jpg
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Name:	R1-R10 Head Only Quick Release Version-4.jpg
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Name:	R1 R10 Head Only Quick Release Version-1.jpg
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Name:	DSC_4156.jpg
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Name:	DSC_4158.jpg
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      Cheers thanks for that. I guess the lower half of the travel pole is the thicker one?

      For the quick release mount: the screw that goes into the rotatorr sticks out so much it gets in the way, there's not enough space for the whole screw. I can't close the two pieces; how do you get around this?
      I'm using the screw that came with the quick release mount and the female 1/4"-3/8" adapter.

      Thanks so much for your help

      Btw, how do you add photos on here?
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        tripod adapter has a lever knob to tighten the ring to lock the pole from rotating.
        You should loosen it slightly to allow for rotation while maintaining good stability.
        How do you want to mount the quick mount mini adapter? On top of Pole or at the bottom? What rotator do you have?

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          Hey Nick,

          thanks for your help. Got the tripod adapter working just fine now :)

          As for the quick release plate, I'm still having issues. I haven't decided where it's going to mount but I am using it on an RD-8 (mk 2 i believe?). My primary concern is making it fit together. You see, the screw that came with the package (and I believe is meant to screw in the QMM clamp) is to long, and sticks out when I attach the QMM Clamp and keeps the QMM plate from being able to enter the QMM mount to be properly fastened.

          I'm using the 1/4"-3/8" adapter and the 1/4"screw to mount it.

          also, how does one post photos into a forum post? I would like to share photos as it would be easier than explaining it with words, however these photos are on my laptop and not uploaded to a website. Th sonly option I've found is linking them to a URL
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            I see Vincen give you instruction for attaching photos. The forum needs some maintenance and we are looking for upgrade of forum software. You can simple use any cloud storage and share the photo. free cloud storage is available from Onedrive, google drive, dropbox......just to name some.

            About mounting QMM and tripod adapter. You should mount the QMM adapter to the tripod adapter. And mount the adapter plate to the RD4/58/12/16 rotator via the center M6 socket. The rotator will be mounted up side down. The pole will be attached to the rotator via 3/8" stud provided in pole spare parts. Do not use 1/4"-3/8" adapter.
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              Hey Nick

              Yes Vincen did give me instructions though I still can't seem to figure it out...

              Anyways, to sure what the M6 socket is, but is this the correct way to mount the QMM to the bottom of the pole?
              from bottom to top it goes: Tripod Adapater--> QMM Plate -->QMM Clamp (screwed in via A2 screw)-->RD8 rotator--> Pole

              What about mounting it to the top of the pole (between the pole and the R1), is this the proper way of doing it?
              Again from bottom to top it's: Pole--> QMM Plate --> QMM Clamp -->RD4/R1

              Do these things come with instructions in the box? I feel like I didn't get everything I need…

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                To get things right for you, I'd like to know what parts you want to use. Pole, rotator, QMM, etc.

                Of course you can use the QMM on top of the pole below the R1.

                When I know what you want to use, I'll search my photos and will send you a set of pics.



                You find some pics on this side. In case you want to use the QMM Plate on top of the pole, do not use the screw that came with the QMM Set. You just use the screw that came with the pole and fix the plate by using a coin to fix it.
                The long screw is use to fix the plate to the top of one of the rotators. Then the screw has to be longer to reach the top of the rotator. Pic 6 for example.
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                  show the correct setup. However, the 3/8" stud should be fixed to the pole base instead. If you have issue fitting the QMM into the RD8, try to replace the 2 anti twisting screws from the spare parts. You can also loosen it a bit.
                  For using QMM on top of pole, remove the RD4 and mount R1 to QMM directly. Just refer to Heinz photos. Remember to remove o-rings in the pole top plate.
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                    SHE WORKS!!!

                    thanks for all the help guys! really appreciate all the help and patience.

                    At the moment I have it set up between the pole and the R1 head for quick access. After playing with it, I discovered just how useful this is.

                    Would anyone recommend against using 2 QMM per pole?
                    I'm thinning of having it in the flawing order for a run and gun style approach: Lower Tripod adapter -> RD8 rotator-> Quick Mount mini-> travel Pole-> quick mount mini -> R1 head-> Lens/camera.

                    thanks again to everyone, very much appreciated!


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                      There is no disadvantage of using 2 QMM apart from the cost.

                      We listen. We try harder.