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Sigma 8mm with Pole Series 2 Complete

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  • Sigma 8mm with Pole Series 2 Complete

    I have a Canon 7D with Sigma 8mm F3.5 fisheye which I currently use with a R10 and RD5 Rotator (F6165) and tripod Manfrotto 055xPROB.

    I want to buy Pole Series 2 Complete (F7105), but need to know the components and accessories required. (Maybe I require: Quick Mount Mini Adapter System, Ultimate R1/R10 Pole Adapter Kit, Travel Pole Advanced Level (F7159), Pole Rotator, Pole Foot Plate etc.

    I want buy all required.

    Please help with my shopping cart.



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    Quick Mount Mini Adapter System: Good for switching between RD5 and Pole, you need 2 adapter plates or 2 adapter system.
    Ultimate R1/R10 Pole Adapter Kit: Not needed
    Travel Pole Advanced Level (F7159): You need level for Pole 2
    Pole Rotator: choose 45deg or 30deg, you can also use RD5, quick switching with Quick Mount Mini Adapter Systems
    Pole Foot Plate: Good for handheld, get tripod adapter (Type B for 055X) if you want better stability at >5m. RD5 works fine. quick switching with Quick Mount Mini Adapter Systems.

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      Hi Nick, I want work with my Pole Series 2, but I have any questions:

      - What parts do I need to fit my pole series?
      - What accessory do I need to buy?
      - Can you suggest me another rotator?
      - ┬ĘPole Series and rotator with female input.

      View images (attached).

      Please Help

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