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Travel Pole used as a monopod with Monopod Adapter F7205

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  • Travel Pole used as a monopod with Monopod Adapter F7205

    I just received the Monopod Adapter for Travel Pole (F7205). I am very pleased :)

    Here is how this works: The Travel Pole consists of two parts: The Upper and Lower. The two parts screw together to form the complete pole. The upper part can be used as a monopod with this adapter.

    This monopod adapter will also protect the end of the upper part because it covers the external threads which could be easily damaged. So, that's a plus. But how is this upper part used as a monopod?

    I think the way Fanotec envisioned using it as a monopod is this:
    - The Monopod adapter screws at one end and has threads to attach a camera or a head. This will be the top part of the monopod.
    - The other part (which when used as a complete pole was the top part) now becomes the bottom part. So you must remove the screw and attach the bottom cup.
    Now you have a traditional monopod that is thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom.

    But I decided to reverse this. So I did the following:
    - The Monopod adapter screws at one end this now will be BOTTOM of the monopod. To do that, I removed the screw of the adapter and attached the bottom cup.
    - The other end will be the top. This makes sense because that is the top when the complete pole is used, so there is no need to remove any tripod head that was attached there.
    So, instead of a traditional monopod that is thicker at the top, I ended up with a mini pole that is thicker at the bottom :)

    This is really nice because now I can hold it up with my hand and use is as a mini pole. I do not need to remove any existing tripod head or camera from one end. If I want to go back to the complete pole, all I need to do is remove the monopod adapter and attach (screw) the lower part and put the cup at the bottom.

    The monopod adapter is a very useful piece and maybe it should be included with the travel pole as standard equipment because even if you do not use the monopod, you can use it to protect the external threads of top part. Used as a monopod, I think it is excellent. It extends high enough and it is very lightweight. It is possible the best monopod I own :) It can be converted to a longer pole by joining the two pieces. The monopod and the pole can be held up higher from the ground, gaining a bit more elevation. My only suggestion is to make the storage case a bit longer because it is very tight to start and if you attach the monopod adapter or a small tripod head, it overflows.

    Bottom line: The travel pole with monopod adapter is an excellent product, very reasonably priced, versatile, and I am really enjoying it. I will write a blog with some pictures to show you how I am using it.


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    Here are two pictures that show how I use the Travel Pole as monopod and as a full pole.
    This shows the monopod adapter. I removed the tripod screw and attached the end cap.
    Top Left: With the monopod on the ground: About 68" (~1.72m, that's about my height)
    Top Right: The monopod held high up (feels very stable): ~148" (3.75m)
    Bottom Left: The full pole on the ground: ~117" (3m)
    Bottom Right: Full pole held with both hands: 185" (4.70m)
    (the top of the house in this picture is 190" (4.83m)



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      Thanks for Sharing.

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