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  • Travel Pole questions

    I purchased a used Travel Pole on eBay and have some questions about it.

    Although both folding clips are undamaged, they grip properly tight on the pole side where they are screwed, but the other side in which the opposite pole is snapped very loose. The pole slides back and forth. Is this different with new clips? Then I would order new clips.

    I already use a large pole with 7m height and there I find the foot plate with pole-rotator very comfortable. But since the Travel Pole should be transported as compact as possible I would like to save the foot plate. Is the pole with the lower base cap sufficiently stable on the ground? I will only be working with a lightweight Alpha 6000. Unfortunately, the Lower Base Cap was also not included, so I would like to read your experiences on this.


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    yes, you can slide the pole with the clip on. The clip just prevent them from bumping into each other.
    You can find a bigger rubber foot with 3/8" screw. It works for TP.
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      Thanks Nick for your explanation. Is this the right cap?

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      I also asked Jan for spare -o-rings. On one side two of the three o-rings at the end were missing.