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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Some frequently asked questions about our products.

    • My bubble level doesn't center - wazzup?
      The bubble levels we use are extremely sensitive. Once centered you are good to go for the sequence of images. If the bubble once centered tends to drift outside the back ring, and the stitching software is unable to adjust for this, please contact us. If you are using NN3 MK3 or NN6 series heads the spirit level is placed in via a magnet. Try using tape or small suction up to remove, clean hole, and reinsert.
    • On your lens rings clamps what is the difference between V1 and V2 and I/II fisheye lenses?
      V1 vs V2: These are the 1st and 2nd generation of our lens ring. V1 is generally not used until updated to V2.
      Samyang I vs II: Samyang produced an upgraded model of some fisheye lens which will marked on the lens barrel as II.
    • I want to change my rotator on the NN6 to the RD16 - how is this done?
      NN6, like the NN3 MK3, uses a removable spirit level on the lower rail held in place by a small magnet. To remove it use a peace of sticky tape or small suction cup. Once it's removed you will see the hex screw holding lower rotator in place. Next remove hex screw, replace rotator, clean spirit level hole, reinsert level.
    • I lost my manual where do I find it on your website?
      We keep all manuals, quick reference guides, and some translations on our Manuals page. Here is a direct link to that page.
    • What camera and lens should I buy for shooting panoramas?
      WHOA - this is a BIG question. This depends on budget and what your trying to accomplish. When choosing a camera, aside from features you need to consider the camera sensor (see article). When selecting a lens basic rule of the thumb is the longer the focal length the better the quality. 12mm yields better results than an 8mm. The lesser expensive lenses are usually "manual". On a manual lenses much information is not communicated to the camera such as aperture, focus etc. Also stitching software such as PTGUI will need the lens parameters entered. For a good website offering lens reviews click here. Once you nail down on your gear we can better fit you to the right product.
    • Hi I received NN6 a couple of days ago but just realized it's too big for my Nikon z7. What are my options?
      Our products come with a 30 day return/exchange policy. Please reach out to your local dealer for a better fitting head.
    • Do you have camera plates?
      With the exception of our M series heads we do provide dedicated camera plates allowing you to mount your camera onto the Nodal Ninja. The R series heads do not require a camera mounting plate as the camera is mounted via the lens using our dedicated lens ring clamps. If you are in need of an Arca-swiss clamp for your M series heads we offer some clamps and also adapters to convert other heads to this type of quick release system - ask your dealer.
    • How do I find the no-parallax-point (NPP) settings for my lens?
      We strongly encourage customers to learn the simple technique of finding the NPP of a lens and its focal length. For a great tutorial on the subject - click here
    • I'm a newbie to all this - can you help me pick out right panoramic tripod head?
      This is one of our most frequently asked questions.
      Simplified answer:
      • NN3 series: small cameras, crop sensor DSLR's, MFT, lenses up to 50mm - great starter.
      • NN6 series: All small cameras and DSLR's with lenses up to 200mm - semi-pro
      • R Series: All cameras, mounts to fisheye lens, best for standard shooting workflows - google, single row.
      • M Series: Pro-level, all cameras, Arca-Swiss, most versatile, lenses up to 700mm - pro series, landscape
      • The M series and NN6 series panoramic heads can also be used as free rotation gimbal arms suitable for landscapes and nature photography.
    • I currently shoot a lot of landscape and dabble occasionally with higher resolution landscapes. I love the fact you have click stops on your gimbal head. How exactly does that work as a gimbal?
      The M2 series uses an advanced compression locking system on the upper rotator that allows the user to adjust tension for free vertical rotation. The M2 Giga uses a special patented "Giga Plate" that allows for positive stops. This is useful when shooting images which will later be stitched together for higher resolution imagery. The lower rotator uses clicks stops by way of interchangeable detent knobs. Simply unscrewing the knobs will allow for free horizontal movement. So the photographer has the option to use as a panoramic head with clicks stops OR as a free-wheeling gimbal arm. You are really only limited to the weight load constraints of 6.6 lb or 3.3kg. The NN6 series can also be used and panoramic head or gimbal arm.
    • Can you recommend a good tripod for shooting panoramas?
      Searching for the right tripod is like trying to find a well-fitting pair of shoes and the choices can be overwhelming. Things to consider would firstly be your budget. Here are some tips to consider when looking.
      • Price - the most you are willing to spend - this will take many options off the playing field.
      • Carbon fiber vs Aluminum - carbon fiber is best and much stronger and lighter but also more expensive.
      • Select a tripod with legs that can be moved independently of each other.
      • Try to avoid pan/tilt heads especially one with handles which cannot be removed.
      • Should have 3/8 or 1/4 male threads at the neck (all our products use 3/8+1/4).
      • Ball-heads - be prepared to spend a little more for a good quality ball head. Ball heads are great with NN3 series, NN6 series, & R Series heads. The M Series heads with heavier equipment would demand a ball-head able to support these additional weights. Many photographers in this instance will mount their gear directly onto to the top of the tripod itself. We also sell the EZ-Leveler-II which will help to fine-tune your level..
    • I purchased my Nodal Ninja from another dealer can you still help me?
      We would respectfully ask that you contact the dealer you made your purchase from. Before dealers can sell our products they agree to handle any questions or customer concerns that may arise directly. If we handled support from every dealer around the globe our support channels would be quickly overwhelmed, compromising assistance to our direct customers. Plus we simply do not have the staff to handle it. If your dealer does not respond to your inquiry please let us know and we'll reach out to them.
      Other support resources:
      Thank you for your understanding.
    • What type of lens mount do I need for my camera?
      For the lens ring mounts we currently support the following: A, E, EF, EF-M, E, F, FT, K, MFT, NX, & X. If you have a different mount look for "camera mount adapters".
    • What is Ring, Row, and Turn on the user interface (UI)
      • Ring
        For making 360° panorama with a fisheye lens. It contains only settings for a fisheye lens - less chance for error. Speed is fixed at 9.5 RPM.
      • Row
        For making 360° panorama with any lens. All settings are available. In the future, there will be semi-auto multi-row options, in which a user manually changes the upper rotator tilt angle let MECHA takes the pictures for each row.
      • Turn
        Turntable mode, for taking photos at fixed angular intervals for making Object VR, or for taking a video of an object in continuous motion (select Demo for degree input). It contains more settings for rotating a low speed. It can change rotation speed and direction on the fly. This mode is still under development.