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  • nick fan
    NN3II should fit your camera with small prime.
    For the rotator in RD3L, it is actually much better than the default one, easier to use and more precise. The smallest interval in RD3L 6/8/30 is 12 deg. However, RD3L lacks ability to lock the rotation.


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  • Brentliris
    started a topic Potential NN3 user

    Potential NN3 user

    I'm interested in NN3, I wanted to know if there is any limitations with the base setup with standard rotator.

    I think it's attractive because of the weight. This is an issue because I mostly am either walking or biking, so I've chosen a Gitzo 1930 3 section tripod that weighs 1400 grams and they don't recommend you use heads that are much more than 1/3 the tripod weight. That makes the NN3 fit my setup weight wise.

    I'll be using it with the Pentax K5 with the small limited prime lenses in the 15 to 70mm range on APS-C.

    For more detailed work with the 70mm in portrait orientation I'll be working with about a 20° angle of view, so I'd like it if the basic rotator could be setup with theses detents. I hope that I would not need to upgrade to the rotator 16 not only is it heavier, but price is an issue, and i think for my use I'd rather use the money on the EZ leveller.

    One more question is the rotator included in the EZ rotator kit better or different than the basic rotator. And if it is would it be an idea to get the EZ leveler kit with rotator and then the NN3 without rotator?

    if I wanted to use the EZ leveler with rotator for single row panoramas could I then just use a nadir rail and leave the NN3 at home?

    Thanks for any help in advance...
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