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NN3 + Canon 7D + Sigma 8MM settings?

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  • NN3 + Canon 7D + Sigma 8MM settings?

    I've been using a 12MP camera, and I'm borrowing a friend's camera that's a Canon 7D II tomorrow, so that I can test and see the results. Does anyone know the rail settings for the Nodal Ninja 3 for a Canon 7D with the Sigma 8mm lens and the NN3? If the test turns out good, I'll submit my images to my company and ask them to approve us purchasing a new camera. We're currently using a Rebel Xsi (12MP).

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    The upper rail settings will depend on how many shots around you use. One simple way of finding the settings for the 7DII is to use a ruler to measure the distance of the tripod socket from the front of the lens and the height of the lens above the camera base. Do the same for the Xsi (450) and adjust the known Xsi settings by the differences between the two sets of measurements to give the 7DII settings, such that the lens ends up in the same position when the camera is mounted on the NN3. The settings thus found should be regarded as a starting point for parallax checks to fine tune the settings. See .