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Looking for help with rail settings: Sony a6300 with Sony 18-105

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  • Looking for help with rail settings: Sony a6300 with Sony 18-105

    This set up would be for real estate interiors and I would be using the lens at 18mm, Single row cylindrical. What I am finding is there is not enough overlap to stitch properly. Attached is an image done with the full-frame Nikon D800 and a Zeiss 18 Milvus. It works perfect but I would like to get second set-up for quicker production when on site.
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    I always aim for a lot of overlap for Control Point generation and to deal with movement so use a Samyang 8mm or shaved Nikon 10.5mm with my D800.
    If I am shooting a static subject, such as your property shot, I get great results with 4 shots round which is a bout 40% overlap so there is a always a gap, so if I have movement, such as animals, people, trees in the wind, I take 6 round which is about 60% overlap which is great for using the Mask option in PTGui.
    This arrangement gives me a full 'equirectangular' result (i.e. width = 2 x height) of around 13,000+ x 6,500+.
    This would suggest to me that using a shorter focal length would give you less shots round and therefore quicker production when on site.
    You could also consider using a single shot camera such as an Insta360 ONE X or Ricoh Theta Z1, but you would not have the control you have with the D800 or Sony a6300.
    The attached image is with an Insta360 ONE X and shows how I had no control over the light coming through the doorway and I would have had a much better result if I had my D800 with me.
    I hope this is of some help.