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Flash with Dual Axis MECHA C1-E1 w/NN3 MK3

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  • Flash with Dual Axis MECHA C1-E1 w/NN3 MK3

    Hello, I am wanting to use flash with my pano. Let's say I want to take 6 shots around. I have my Sony A7r# set to five auto brackets. Now I have to reach to the camera to manually switch the Memory for a single flash shot. Because there is play in the gearbox of the MECHA rig it moves the shot and creates alignment issues. Is there a workaround to lock in the Mecha? Do I need a manual pano rig to do this and if so what rig should I use to get the job done. I am shooting large exteriors for this work. By the way, my automation rig is amazing. Thank you

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    regarding MECHA, please look here (Q3)

    Regarding camera, assuming it has wi-fi, you can check the Sony's PlayMemories app if it allows to change the setting without touching camera
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      I'll look into that further. As far as I know, aperture shutter and ISO are about it nut I will look again. Thanks for the reply.


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        I think it is easier you make a pano without flash and repeat one with flash. PTGUI allows you to stitch without linking the images.
        Alternatively, you stitch them into 2 equirectangular images and align them in ptgui again. Using templates should be quite fast.
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