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NN4 - D90 Lens 18-105

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  • NN4 - D90 Lens 18-105


    i am all excited. Just got my NN4, with RD16 today.

    I am using D90 with 18 - 105 lens.

    May i ask what is the URS and the LRS ?

    i try taking some nadir shots, but it just doesnt stitch well...
    D90 + Sigma 8mm Fisheye + NN4

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    Hi, welcome to the forum, and keep cool man.

    "It took God Father to set up everything 7 days, and the result? Bloody human beings setting up a lot of problems around the world. May be because the human beings have been created on the 7th day".

    The best thing is to learn about how to find URS and LRS on NN4 to follow up the tutorials on this forum.

    Using the Nadir Adapter is the second question.

    I am eager to get the new M1-L panohead out of customs. I can understand you.

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      Keep cool man,

      I add my settings on NN5, might be similar to NN4. Did not try it on NN4 cause of lack of time. Try it yourself with the hacksaw method of Smooth for LRS and John's methods for URS.

      I'll add Nadir adapter Infos later on. First find out your LRS and URS settings. Then we can go on with NN Nadir adapter workflows.

      Be sure we will help you. But step by step.


      BTW: being sure about your own settings ask me to add info about NN Nadir adaptor.
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