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Rail Settings D7000 and 10.5mm fisheye

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  • Rail Settings D7000 and 10.5mm fisheye


    I am a newbie so please don't bite my head off.

    I recently bought the NN4 with Advanced Rotator RD16 and EZ Leveler II.

    Wow! I am hugely impressed with the quality of the equipment. So sturdy and perfectly engineered, I made the right choice. I was setting up spherical panoramas within minutes, very intuitive to use. I found myself just rotating the head because the bearings are so beautifully smooth and slick!!

    My question is:

    What are the rail settings for a Nikon D7000 with AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED lens?

    I looked at the camera settings directory but cant find the suitable rail settings.

    I know how to find the settings myself and I'm pretty much there but I would feel reassured if someone could guide me towards tried and tested rail settings.

    Thanks in advance.

    Oli (A very happy customer )

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    Hello Oli,

    Don't worry about the numbers.
    Set your equipment up so that when viewed from the front, the centre of the lens is lined up with the vertical axis of rotation of your NN4, then viewing from the side line up the gold ring on your Nikkor 10.5mm lens with the horizontal axis of rotation.

    The photographs on
    show an NN3, but applies equally to the NN4.


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      Thanks Hugh. Got it spot on now.