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NN4, 5D Mk III, Canon 8-15mm

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  • NN4, 5D Mk III, Canon 8-15mm

    Hi all, I've seem to be hitting a wall here.

    I'm setting up a NN4 with the 5D Mk 3 with the Canon 8-15mm fisheye, using the 8mm side of the lens, aiming for numbers for 3 around (120 degrees) and 4 around (90 degrees). I have been setting it up using smooth methodology and also using John

    Using the plumb line, rope/tie method, the lower rail A, should be at 53. however, taking photos and stitching them using Smooth methodology creates a flower petal.

    I've been shooting with the 5D Mk 2 with the lower rail always at 53. The best result I seem to find is using A=58, B=106, which even visually looks off the iris entrance.

    Any insight what is happening or what I am doing wrong?

    Photo attached are: 53, 106
    58, 104
    58, 106

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    The best result I seem to find is using A=58, B=106
    it looks good to me. You need to look at 45 deg from the lens axis for 4 shots around. the entrance pupil will move with different angle from lens axis.
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      Hi Nick, thank you for confirming my own findings that A=58 and B=106 is the case with other NN4 rigs.

      I thought I was going crazy as for other lenses and my other fish eye lenses they are all at A=53.