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Lens length vs. click stop degrees on RD16II

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  • Lens length vs. click stop degrees on RD16II

    I am new to this forum and just purchased NN4 with RD16II. Does anyone know if there is a chart of what degrees of rotation you need based on what lens length you are using to get full 360 degree pano. In other words (example) if I am using 70mm lens what should I set the RD16II click stop detents to to get full 360 pano with proper overlap. Is there a chart anywhere that shows different lens lengths and what degree click stops to use?

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    You can also do this visually. set the lens to the focal length. align the right edge of view to a reference mark, rotate clockwise so that the left edge align with the mark again. Note the angle of rotation from the index scale. Select an interval that is roughly 70% of the rotation. A value of 50-80% is acceptable.
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      There are online calculators to help with this. Eg . You can also use PTGui to plan shoots by adding dummy images and manually specifying lens type and focal length. Drag images around in the Panorama Editor window to see what arrangements work, or position images using Fill Yaw on the Image Parameters tab.


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        Thank you for your great suggestions! I appreciate any help I can get to get started with 360 panos.


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          Thank you John, as a newbie I need all the help I can get!