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  • NN4 Rotator options

    I am renovating an old NN4 and I find the basic rotator only works if rotated in a clockwise direction, if you try anti-clockwise the friction knob unscrews and the whole thing wobbles, is that right or can that be fixed or can I just fit a different rotator? Which other Rotators work with the NN4, can you fit an RD4 or an RD10 in place of the basic rotator?

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    By friction knob, do you mean the center knob with NN logo? It shouldn't loosen, it has bearing inside. Maybe it is rusted or stuck. Try if it turn smoothly in both directions. You can get a replacement if it is stuck.
    Yes, all advanced rotators (RD4/5/8/12/16) can be used. You need a mounting kit or at least an M6x 18mm flat head screw.
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