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Attaching camera to NN6 using Arca Swiss mount

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  • Attaching camera to NN6 using Arca Swiss mount

    Many of you have been asking us how to mount a camera to the NN6 using the Arca Swiss system. The NN6 by default comes with its own camera mounting system. however those wanting to use Arca Swiss mount need only to purchase the Arca Style Parallel Dual Clamp (F9130). This will work for the NN3 MK3 as well.

    Featuring dual mounting surfaces on both sides of the clamp. The Dual Clamp allows two Arca Swiss compatible plates or rails to be mounted in a parallel ori...

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    Most people have a long Arca plate along the width of camera, this is what they need in that case.
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      Thanks for the info on this. I'm a newbie who recently purchased the NN6 and I was wondering what I needed to buy to speed camera mounting, given I have the arca-swiss plate across the bottom of the camera. I had read the description on the F9131 clamp but I still had some doubt that it was the correct accessory since it didn't mention camera mounting. That's why I started searching the forum.

      Suggestion: maybe it's obvious to most people but I'd update the product description or add a FAQ on that page that gives the info you wrote here. For those with an Arca Swiss plate on their camera already, this is the accessory needed for quick release.



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        Thank you for your feedback - we'll try to clarify better in the item listing.