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    15 Years = 500+ Products = 1200+ Testimonials = 55,000+ Customers

    We started manufacturing the first Nodal Ninja "SPH-1” in 2004. Since then we've evolved to include NN3,4,5.6, R & M Series, Object VR Turntables, various rotators, carbon fiber aerial poles, and now Automated heads. We have over 500 items listed in our store. And we continue to expand with newer and improved products each year. This is a testament to Fanotec (manufacturer) listening to end-user needs. But we are more than just about products, a cornerstone of our business model is in offering the best possible support we can. And we wouldn't be where we are today without you - the end user - thank you.

    Brief Product History:
    • early 2019 - The first in the line up of automation heads is shipped - The Mecha E1 and Controller 1.
    • all of 2018 - After 3 years of R&D Fanotec is full on all year long finalizing the R&D on the Automated line of products.
    • late 2017 - Nodal Ninja MK3 introduced - like the baby brother to the NN6 - all CNC and arca-swiss compatible.
    • mid 2016 - Nodal Ninja 6 ushers in new sleek design of future heads geared towards robotics.
    • early 2016 - Introducing the completely redesigned rotator - the Advanced Rotator Panning Clamp D5 (F1195).
    • early 2016 - Dual Lens Ring Mount Stereo Bracket - 3D Stereo Rig
    • early 2016 - newer neoprene cases for NN3/4 series
    • mid 2015 - The big got bigger - Fanotec's Nodal Ninja M2 Giga with its patented design allowing for super high resolution gigapixel photography.
    • mid 2015 - R10 got smaller and the R20 is released.
    • mid 2015 - The Rotator Mini is enhanced to RM-V2 with locking knob.
    • mid 2015- New Nodal Ninja Lens announced
    • early 2015 Tripod adapters expanded options
    • early 2014 - The GTP Pkg further enhanced and improved on.
    • late 2014 - More lens rings added
    • mid 2014 - New conversion kits and replacement mounts introduced for Samyang 7.5mm lens on Sony, Fujifilm, & Canon.
    • early 2014 - Version 2 of the popular lens ring added allowing for greater lens functionality.
    • early 2014 - Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate for Advanced Rotators
    • early 2014 - New Universal Adapter Rods for Laser Scanner users
    • early 2014 - More stop plates + universal stop plates added for lens rings.
    • 2014 - OUR 10th ANNIVERSARY!
    • late 2013 - Guy wire support systems is added to all Poles
    • mid 2013 - The carbon fiber Travel Pole is also introduced at the Iceland Conference.
    • mid 2013 - The 18m (30ft) carbon fiber pole with guy wire support is unveiled at the Iceland Conference.
    • early 2013 - Free compass added to Google Trusted Photographer panoramic tripod head.
    • early 2013 - The RS-2 is introduced - same as NN4 but with upper arca-swiss style clamp instead of upper rail.
    • early 2013 - Advanced RD8-II introduced for use with M2 series providing for click stops as small as 2 degrees.
    • early 2013 - Ultimate M2 is introduced - the best got better. Using the newly designed RD8-II (second generation) and new upper rotator, this head will support lenses up to 465mm (Portrait mode) and 700mm in Landscape mode.
    • late 2012 - Nodal Ninja model RS-1 is introduced. This new head similar to NN3 allows users with fisheye lens using Lens Ring Clamp to mount camera/lens directly to upper rotator arca clamp (no upper rail).
    • mid 2012 - more configurations become available using the Rotator Mini including the Ultimate Mini Pkg.
    • early 2012 - The GTP pkg becomes available for Google Trusted Photographers.
    • early 2012 - Rotator Mini introduced, smaller and lighter with click stops.
    • early 2012 - Camera specific Arca Swiss Style designed to fit dozens of DSLR's with and without battery grips.
    • late 2011 - Fanotec develops dedicated custom arca style camera plates to fit dozens of cameras and battery grips.
    • mid 2011 - Tripod Adapters, Pole Rotators and Footplates hit the scene.
    • mid 2011 - Nodal Ninja 4 series (replacing NN5) now includes 15 degree upper rotator lock stops.
    • early 2011 - Ultimate M1 series modular pano heads.
    • early 2011 - Modular Pole series 1 and 2.
    • late 2010 - Nodal Ninja 5 series discontinued to pave the way for newer NN4
    • late 2009 - Turntables for those doing object movies.
    • 2010 - Many newer accessories and add-ons to products.
    • mid 2009 - R1, R10 CNC machined ring clamp style pano heads added to the lineup.
    • early 2009 - D4, D8, D12, D16 - new higher precision CNC advanced rotators come to market allowing more pano head configurations.
    • 2009 - OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY!
    • late 2008 - Second generation EZ-Leveler)-II released. Smaller lighter with added functionality.
    • late 2008 - Fanotec advances with state-of-the-art CAD and CNC machinery resulting in higher precision products line called the "Ultimate Line".
    • mid 2008 - NN180 - a small lightweight solution added to meet the needs of those doing single row pano with super wide angle lens.
    • early 2008 - NN5 - a new series added to the lineup of pano heads reaching to the pro-level cameras.
    • early 2008 - NN3-MKII (third generation with improved lower rotator).
    • mid 2007 - NN3 (third generation).
    • early 2007 - EZ-Leveler introduced
    • early 2007 - NN SPH-2sd (spherical second generation shorter vertical arm with detents).
    • early 2006 - NN SPH-2s (spherical second generation shorter vertical arm).
    • early 2006 - NN SPH-2L (spherical second generation longer vertical arm).
    • late 2005 - NN SPH-2 (spherical second generation).
    • mid 2005 - NN SPH-1i (spherical first generation improved).
    • early 2005 - March 10th 2005 the NODALNINJA.COM website is born.
    • late 2004 - NN SPH-1 - The very first pano head is produced.

    With thousands of customers worldwide Fanotec continues to expand their product line continually meeting the needs of the panoramic photographer. Fanotec's slogan "We listen, we try harder," says it all. If you have an idea or suggestion for a new product or enhancements of an existing product please post in our forum - click here.

    Nodal Ninja, a company which operates under the legal protection of Bill Bailey, LLC is based out of Chandler, Arizona USA. The brand name "Nodal Ninja" is used with permission from Nick Fan of Fanotec International. Many aspects of the business including marketing and global distribution of the Fanotec product line, are all handled through Nodal Ninja. Nodal Ninja is the exclusive global distributor of the Fanotec product line. While Fanotec International and Nodal Ninja are separate legally licensed entities, they operate very closely with other.

    Fanotec International and Nick Fan invented and developed the Nodal Ninja spherical bracket in 2004. Nick has many years of schooling, is bilingual and has a passion to design, engineer and build. He formed a new manufacturing company and named it Digital Initiatives, later changing it to Fanotec International. Their slogan is "We Listen, we try harder". The name Fanotec was coined by a forum user because Nick showed himself to be a big Fan of Technology. A perfectionist at heart with a strong commitment to quality and customer support, Nick continues to improve upon current product designs. He also works to develop ongoing products to meet the demands of the panoramic photographer. Nick frequents many forums and you will see him regularly in our own Nodal Ninja forum.

    Bill Bailey is C.E.O. of Bill Bailey LLC. Bill owned and operated a successful photography company in Alaska for 4 years (1994-1999) called Northern Exposure Photography of Alaska (NEP). NEP had shot over 250,000 sittings over the course of 4 years, from school photography to families living in dozens of remote Eskimo Villages throughout the state. During this time NEP was the largest and most popular portrait studio business in the state. Bill's photography interests ultimately lead him into panoramic photography. While seeking out panoramic tripod heads himself, he learned about Nick of Digital Initiatives. Nick’s company was still in early development and in need of distribution and marketing person. Bill was able to bring to the table his experience in business and creative marketing vision. Bill shared the same entrepreneurial passion and commitment as Nick which ultimately formed a business relationship that helped to bring the product line to where it is today. Those that know him personally, and through the forums, will testify to his commitment to excellence. Bill is also a humanitarian and helps people and causes whenever he can.

    Authorized Dealers - We strive hard to hand pick resellers that are committed to customer service. Our resellers are team players and we work well together bringing you a more cohesive network of support. We're very proud of our existing family of resellers and hope your experiences in purchasing our products reflects their commitment.

    Together we all strive to uphold what we feel to be the best support in the industry and take a great deal of pride in the product and service we provide. Are we perfect? No! But we do learn from our mistakes and do our best to improve upon any mistakes we may make.
    We Give Back - No other company in this field gives back to the community like we do. Bill is a humanitarian at heart and over the years we have donated and given away close to $100,000 in cash and products. Fanotec as well has been generous in helping with various causes. A very small portion of profit from every sale is devoted to helping someone somewhere feel a little less pain. Nodal Ninja also donates monthly to the International Red Cross as well as to the ASPCA to help homeless, abused and neglected pets. Here are some other specialized causes we helped with:$
    • 5,000 to the Australian flood victims.
    • $2,800 to support the travels of a photojournalist (Akia Ninomiya) documenting the Earthquake region in efforts to raise money for those affected.
    • $8,300 to a non-profit project dedicated to documenting every stage of NASA's final shuttle mission.
    • And we support many other non-profits with smaller contributions such as
      - museums and research centers,
      - Animal Rescue,
      - and the Arthritis Foundation.
    • Worth mentioning too is we have also sponsored many non-profits that promote this genre of photography to include IVRPA and IAPP.

    At times, we think we are giving too much away, but our hearts genuinely go out to these affected people and animals in need of help. When you purchase any of our products rest assured you are helping us to help others even if in a small way.

    A special thanks to all our customers,

    The Nodal Ninja Team
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