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  • Removing bubble - RD10


    we have just received the NN6 pano head with the RD10 rotator and on the whole pleased with it. It came pretty much assembled but we needed to attach the head to the rotator. No probs, attached it and then dropped in the bubble. Then decided actually we want to move the fixed part of the pano head round so the locking nut and the zero point is more visible. Herein lies our issue....that bubble ain’t coming out which in turn means we can’t remove the rotator from the bottom part of the head,

    we have tried tape, have tried the grey suction cup, looked to see if any leeway to get a knife in there. Have tried turning, have tried pulling and have tried screaming at it. It isn’t coming out....this seems to be a wildly dumb design flaw as apart from wanting to make a change it also means we can’t either repair and or change parts in the future. The bubble itself also seems VERY jumpy!

    anyone have any thoughts or something that we’re missing? It’s really soured an otherwise interesting purchase!!


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    Put the whole thing in plastic bag then put in the fridge for, say, 1 hour
    then take it off and with a small suction cup
    needs to be no larger than the bubble, like these
    Click image for larger version  Name:	100Pcs-Cartoon-Animal-Action-Toys-Stikeez-Cupule-Kids-Toys-Cup-Collector-Capsule-Model-Children-Gifts.jpg Views:	0 Size:	43.0 KB ID:	32892
    try at every 2 minutes, at some point will come up,
    while it warms up there should be difference in dilatation coef. of bubble vs AL,
    and the water condense will lubricate.

    Let us know if it works, just thought bout it, never tried :)
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