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The first robotic modules have been finalized

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  • nick fan

    Nodal Ninja Raiden E1 Motor Head

    This is the first member of Raiden Robotic family to be released in 6 months. Raiden E1 Motor Head has been finalized. It can be used as a single row rotator supporting up to 1.5kg, perfect match with R1/10/20 tilt head, and as a turntable, working with our turntable plate for RD8/16. Two rotators can be added to supported Nodal Ninja pano heads to form a light weight dual axis robotic pano head for light cameras such as entry DSLR and most mirrorless cameras up to 1 kg. We are still working on the controllers. A very low cost turntable controller will be released very soon. It can also be used for making pano by adding an >12v external battery. Below are some example setups.
    NN3 MK3 with Raiden E1 Rotators, with mockup controller. Total weight about 1.4kg in final product, support cameras up to 1kg at 12.5cm from pivot, 1.25Nm output torque.

    Turntable demo

    Single Row pano head demo

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  • Bill
    started a topic The first robotic modules have been finalized

    The first robotic modules have been finalized

    The first in a new line of Fanotec motorized heads. Why robotize and automate? When we refer to robotics we are referring to automation of processes via mechanical gears controlled by a small hand held computer. Merriam Webster defines automation as "automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor". The result = lesser risk of error, greater reliability and repeatability in production which speeds up post processing workflows. The more a photographer can do "at" the shoot the less that is required "after" the shoot. It's all about consistency.
    Shown here are the modules being used on the new NN3 MK3 (controller still in development).