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Mecha E1 & controllers now shipping

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  • Mecha E1 & controllers now shipping

    The first shipment of Mecha's are on their way to us as speak and we should begin shipping the early pre-orders to our customers beginning next week.
    As these first units are technically in the beta stage there will be firmware updates coming as feedback rolls in so "please" share any and all feedback here.
    Also, so as to not further delay the release of the Mecha, the quick reference guides are not quite ready yet. We ask for your patience and to reference the Mecha videos we've been producing on our YouTube Channel located here - make sure you subscribe and click on notifications so you'll know once new videos are released.

    Finally, send us your images showing Mecha in use. We would like to use in our marketing - credits, of course, would follow.

    We do feel you'll thoroughly enjoy using the Mecha and appreciate its build quality as well as notice all the thought that was put into it and the controller.