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Firmware - current version and changes.

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  • Firmware - current version and changes.

    This post is always updated to last FW version

    This info is also accessible via
    where mecha.ip is the ip address of MECHA.

    In most cases the address will be

    Current codes

    1< or 1> Execute preset 1 to left or to right.
    2< or 2> Execute preset 2 to left or to right.
    3< or 3> Execute preset 3 to left or to right.

    131< or 131> Execute a test pano for single MECHA to left or to right. (6 shoots around).
    132< or 132> Execute a test pano for single MECHA to left or to right. (12 shoots around).
    1312< or 1312> Execute a test pano for MECHA DAC to left or to right (12 shots around, 3 rows at 0,+- 45 deg. plus Zenith and Nadir. The code needs to be entered in H MECHA and the V MECHA needs to be parked i.e. oriented upward, like for the zenith photo.
    1313< or 1313> same as 1312 except with V MECHA in horizontal position.
    The first time, please test the codes without camera mounted.
    The tests can be stopped by pressing the power button.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	codes.png Views:	3 Size:	2.5 KB ID:	30321

    12< Confirm participation to a MECHA team started by another Main MECHA
    1212< Starts an assembly of a team of MECHAs, can be canceled or ended with power button or [Team] button in its UI
    121< Show Mecha ID.
    123< Show MAC address.
    323< Show Full IP address.
    321< Show Last part of the IP address.
    13< Show Battery percentage.

    23131< set E1 as preferred rotator
    23132< set E2 as preferred rotator
    23121< set P1 as preferred rotator
    The code should match with the actual rotator connected.

    231231231< factory reset. The code need to be entered twice
    when the power LED flash the power button needs to be pressed short.

    23< Disable/Enable motor. When motor is disabled, the power LED will blink rarely, it blinks also in U.I.
    231< Everything OFF, for fast battery charge. Plug the charger cable then enter the code. Needs power cycle to go back to normal use.

    232< Disable/Enable LEDs, useful during night photography.
    The LEDs will light however if buttons are pressed for entering a code, to show the result of a code or for battery check.

    12321< Backlash compensation calibration.
    123123< Speed calibration. Takes 1 hour!

    32123< Update the firmware, if possible. Mecha needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi with internet access before entering the code.
    It will show "..." if cannot find any update, or "!!!" if is not Internet available for Mecha.

    tip: search for, say, 121< here for more info


    Most input lists, in both Ring and Row, can receive custom values.
    There is no error check, nor range check for the custom values ATM,
    please use this feature with caution.

    Known issues
    The beep at powering up cannot be muted.

    What's new?

    MECHA DAC, addressed an issue regarding the update procedure, if started from UI of MECHA-H, without MECHA-H being connected to Wi-Fi with Internet access, caused MECHA-V to not update, even if the credentials for Wi-Fi were introduced at request.

    MECHA may ask for the Wi-Fi credentials needed for update through Internet then MECHA will try to connect to Wi-Fi, the LEDs will show scanning up-down then two beeps will indicate a successful connection to Wi-Fi, please click/tap on [Update] again to perform the FW update.

    Addressed an issue regarding emergency stop when pressing the power button,
    in some cases, with large number of repeats, it took several seconds for MECHA to be ready after stop.

    After use of the 31< code, if MECHA is unable to compute a pattern using the feedback received from pressing the power button
    (mostly caused by to small intervals), the LEDs will show !!!
    which indicates that nothing has changed.

    Addressed an issue regarding the LIVE NPP not working properly on some mobile browsers.

    Increased the range when using the 31< code for lens detection to 10..200mm (FF equiv.)

    Added the code 31< for MECHA DAC (for now, will be available for single as well).
    This is beta, it allows automatic shutter pattern to be computed by MECHA, without using the UI.
    Works for rectilinear lens from around 10 to 100 mm, (FF equiv) it will be extended to up to 200 mm in next FW update.
    MECHA needs to be in LEVEL position,
    a sheet of paper needs to be placed in front of MECHA in such way to fill the frame,
    the frame can be viewed through viewfinder or through the live view.
    Instead of sheet, any feature or image on screen, well defined, or other means can be used to achieve the following with the same results as for the sheet of paper.
    A gray sheet of paper will work best for exposure purposes as well.
    The camera and lens need to be set just like for taking the actual panorama.
    After entering the 31< code, MECHA will flash the power button and waits for two quick presses of the power button,
    first is in order to trigger the camera and the second is after the camera was triggered.
    After that, MECHA will rotate slowly to the right and wait another press of power button right after the sheet of paper is out of the camera's frame.
    Then MECHA will go back in initial position and will start slowly to tilt down and wait for another press of power button when, again, the sheet is out of the camera's view.
    Then MECHA will go back in initial position and will start to flash 1, 2 and 3 LEDs
    and waits for one of the buttons [1] [2] or [3] to be pressed to assign the computed preset to that particular button.
    To cancel the assignment, the power button can be pressed instead.

    Added the code 2313<
    to change the preferred sense of rotation when rotation is done manually by pressing [<][>] buttons,
    without the need to use UI and /config

    Enhanced the simple form of scripting, added the possibility to specify
    N,NN,Z or ZZ anywhere in the script after starting position like
    Furthermore, new conventions are also supported now,
    Nx3, (3 Nadirs automatically spread at 120 deg. apart)
    NN^120, (2 Nadirs at 120 deg. apart)
    Nx3^60, (3 Nadirs at 60 deg. apart)
    and the same for Zenith, using the Z and ZZ conventions.

    In the simple form of scripting, added the possibility to specify the degrees apart from positions in a row
    e.g. SL,0x6,90x1,-90x2
    will take at the end two nadirs at 180 apart (computed from 360/2)
    will take at the end two nadirs at 90 apart (as indicated by ^90)
    so in a row, after the number of position, e.g. x6, if is nothing after, the positions will be spread by 360/6 degrees one from the next
    if ^45 is added, like x6^45, those 6 positions will be taken at every 45 degrees apart.
    This is useful, say, for multiple Zeniths at desired interval one from another.

    Added another way for update which will be used at request when support is offered by email or by dealers.
    It will help in providing MECHAs with the latest update more easily.
    This way will be included in user guide as well to assure most updated FW before the first use of MECHA.

    Addressed an issue regarding the 321< code when MECHA is in AP mode, the LEDs were showing nothing instead of AAA

    MECHA DAC, when status on automatic pairing is display on LEDs, like - =, on MECHA-V the red LED will remain ON if the MECHA-H FW version is different from MECHA-V FW
    If this is the case, although the pairing may work, please update MECHA again when both are ON from MECHA-H UI or only MECHA-V, if updating both doesn't end in having - = LEDs without red LED ON.
    To update only MECHA-V, if needed, power ON only MECHA-V then at -=-=-=-= press short [1] then connect to its SSID then access UI and perform update as usual.

    Addressed an issue regarding DAC presets based on repeat which ignored, say, ^90 custom interval for the list of angles, e.g. 2^90:90, had as result two shots at 180 instead of two at 90 apart.
    Addressed an issue regarding W: when negative value is used and didn't forced a pause before the movement sequence as it should, if camera was wake-up recently, thus not allowing time for photographer to get out from view, which was the intended use of the negative W:

    Added codes to set the preferred rotator without need to use UI and /config
    23131< will set E1 as preferred rotator
    23132< will set E2 as preferred rotator
    23121< will set P1 as preferred rotator
    The code should match with the actual rotator connected.
    This is useful for first tests, out of the box and new MECHAs which are going to be used with a certain rotator type,
    or on field, if is need to swap a E1 rotator for a more powerful E2 or P1.
    The presets will auto adapt to the preferred rotator automatically.

    Added 231231231< code which is for factory reset.
    It requires, however, a factory file to exist in MECHA, this can be provided via update or available for download.
    Details about the ways of delivery will be published later.
    The new units will be shipped with the factory file included.
    The code need to be entered twice
    231231231< then after LEDs stop lighting as ',',
    231231231< again then the power LED will flash and needs to be pressed short.
    If !!! are display on LEDs then the factory file is not found and nothing is done.

    For IR custom applications when [x] Use Nodal Ninja Remote is not selected,
    instead of ir.xml file, custom_ir.xml is required from now on.
    When [x] Use Nodal Ninja Remote is selected, no ir.xml nor custom_ir.xml is required.
    For MECHA DAC, added LED flash when button up or down of Nodal Ninja IR Remote is pressed.

    Addressed an issue regarding the shutter button on Nodal Ninja IR remote, if pressed long caused multiple shots and reboot.

    Introducing support for Nodal Ninja IR remote SKU F9988
    For now these buttons are supported:
    [1] [2] [3] [<] [>] [power] [>||] [shoot]
    For MECHA DAC also [up] and [down]
    In /config there is a [x] Use Nodal Ninja IR Remote.
    As is just introduced, hence not much tested, there is a safety in /config
    Safety Interval [deg.]: [10]
    which reduces the continuous interval up-down in case of MECHA DAC for press and hold on IR remote.
    It requires another press and hold to enter in another interval.
    Once is fully tested and become familiar with up-down movements you can increase the value.
    Please proceed with extreme caution especially if the lens or camera can hit the panoramic head at extreme tilt
    better have small interval than a too large one, common is to use up to 90 or 180.
    Use only long coiled cable to assure free of accident movements up-down.
    IR remote support wil be enhanced in upcoming FW updates allowing assigning of the buttons to specific tasks/presets.

    Addressed an issue regarding Wake signal [W:] to wake-up the camera, the signal being sent even if was set to 0 sec
    Please use 0.25 sec or more (2 sec) if you want MECHA to wake-up camera (from possible power-save mode) when you want to save battery of the camera, and use W:0 sec only if you don't want the wake-up signal to be sent at all and camera is not on power saving mode which can occur during a MECHA session.

    Addressed an issue regarding e.g. (90) partial panorama
    not being aligned properly in the case of asymmetrical panorama,
    i.e. with different number of shoots per row.

    In the simple way of scripting,
    added the possibility to specify a slice of, say, 45 degrees, instead of a full 360 panorama
    in the case of high resolution mosaics
    will shoot a full 360 cylindrical mosaic,
    will shoot only a slice of 45 deg. from it, indicated by adding (45) to script.
    This can be useful for preview or for a partial panorama instead of full 360.
    This feature will be enhanced further in the future.

    Addressed an issue regarding the simple way of scripting, the script is valid even if it ends or not with ','
    Prior to this the script has not be ended with ','

    Addressed an issue causing MECHA DAC to reset if a repeat was set after more than than 30 sec., in certain conditions.
    Highly recommended update if use MECHA DAC in time-lapse shooting.

    Added in Custom Protocol in AUX Port the possibility to specify a preset if its name starts with "0"
    this protocol description does:
    000=1A1S, at full press the preset starting with 000 in name will be launched
    045=2A, at two half presses, the preset starting with 045 in name will be launched
    -045=2A1S, at one half press then full press, the preset starting with 045 in name will be launched in the opposite direction
    6=1A1S1A1S, at two full presses the stop command is sent.
    So if preset 000 is saved with 1 shoot 0.00001 deg interval (a possibility to force zero will be added later)
    and preset 045 is saved with 1 shoot 45 deg interval, using the conventions above, a step by step with shoot only,
    or shoot and move to 45 deg to right or to left can be implemented using the AUX protocol.

    Addressed an issue causing MECHA to not return in initial position if the script ends with x2, as for two shots.

    Added the possibility to specify only one position per row
    like 90x1, say for one Zenith position, or -90x1 for one Nadir position
    e.g. SL,-30x3,-90x1,30x3,90x1
    in the simple way of scripting

    Addressed an issue affecting the execution of a scripted preset, if launched by its powercode.
    e.g. a preset with a name starting with "0123 " which can be launched by [0][1][2][3] [>]

    Added Arrow buttons Interval Speed [RPM]:
    and Arrow buttons Interval 1 [deg.] .. 3 [deg.] in /config,
    the value will be used by MECHA when [<] or [>] then [1]..[3] are pressed for manual control of rotation.
    e.g. for manual rotation of 90 deg. press [>] then [2]

    Added Arrow buttons Speed [RPM]: in /config,
    the value will be used by MECHA when the [<] and [>] are pressed for manual control of rotation.

    Addressed an issue causing button presets do not execute properly the latest simple form of scripting saved to them.

    Addressed an issue regarding the [SHOOT] when preset was paused, it also un-paused instead of only shoot.

    Addressed an issue regarding the repeat of the scripted presets.

    Addressed an issue causing Zenith and Nadir to be sometimes reversed in the latest simple form of scripting.

    Added a simple form of scripting to specify a spherical panorama.
    e.g. for 50mm on FF a panorama can be covered by
    1 row at 75 deg, made of 5 shots
    1 row at 50 deg, made of 11 shots
    1 row at 25 deg, made of 16 shots
    1 row at 0 deg, made of 17 shots
    1 row at -25 deg, made of 16 shots
    1 row at -50 deg, made of 11 shots
    1 row at -75 deg, made of 5 shots
    this can be now scripted as
    SL stands for Start (and end) in Level position
    SP, or SR can be used instead for Parked or Raised positions.
    If is need for Zenith or Nadir shot, they need to be added after SL,
    e.g. SL,Z,N, or SL,ZZ,NN, for one or two photos at 90 deg apart.
    e.g. SL,N,Z,75x5,50x11,25x16,0x17,-25x16,-50x11,-75x5

    Preparation for RAW interface.

    Extended the support for some upcoming peripherals for MECHA

    If the RPM speed is fixed in /config, the Large diagonal in gesture mode and rotation by buttons will use a speed no greater than the fixed speed.

    Addressed an issue regarding IR on AUX port.
    Added safety for preventing custom protocol to emulate buttons during the starting sequence,
    thus preventing the disable of Wi-Fi by a mistake in the protocol description.
    The Custom protocol will be effective only after the starting sequence is performed entirely.
    The Custom protocol description can be changed on the fly after [Apply], no need for [Reboot] anymore.

    Added support for measures on the AUX Port of the analog values, useful for future enhancement of AUX custom protocol.
    To enable these measurements "analog" text needs to be entered as Custom Protocol on AUX Port: [analog], then click/tap on [Apply] then on [Reboot]
    The measured values will be shown instead of battery percent in RRT UI pages
    To revert to normal use or custom protocol, use the same procedure with either blank text or the actual custom protocol.

    Addressed an issue regarding progressive exposure and fraction notation, like E:2*1/2 sec. was not correctly set.

    In S-Language, if the delay is negative, it will tell MECHA to shoot each set of IMG at the absolute value apart.
    This can be useful in time-lapse when the shots need to be equally distributed in time.
    The value needs to allow enough time for the movements to happen, and to accommodate all the other delays set.
    e.g. S=0,1=-30:,
    will have each set of IMG at 30 seconds apart.

    Extended compatibility for Shutter confirmation to a wider range of camera types.

    Added in Custom Protocol in AUX Port zero values, like 4=0S,5=0A,
    the command will be interpreted instantly, without counting pulses.
    4=0S,5=0A, will allow rotating MECHA to left or to right just like pressing the [<] and [>] button
    4=0S,5=0A,6=0A0S, will have in addition stop/power button, if both A and S are detected
    There can be combinations like 3=3A0S, provided there is no 0A in the protocol description
    which will have priority and will not let 3A to occur.

    Addressed an issue regarding emergency stop by power button doesn't stop immediately in some cases,
    instead, the stop was only after the current move was finished.

    Addressed an issue causing MECHA to turn OFF even if is not charging,
    if When Charging: [ Turn OFF ] is set in /config.
    Highly recommended update if using the When Charging: [ Turn OFF ] feature.

    Addressed an issue causing repeat not working with some scripted shooting patterns.

    Added Custom Protocol on AUX Port [ ] in /config
    This allows the description of a simple protocol about pressing of some external buttons and the equivalent of MECHA buttons.
    = = = =>
    In the above representation of matting plug on AUX port:
    1S means 1 short between Tip and Sleeve,
    1A means 1 short between 1st Ring and Sleeve,
    E.g. 1=1S,2=2S,3=3S,4=1S1A,5=1A1S,6=1A,
    1=1S, 1 short on S will be just like pressing the button [ 1 ]
    3=3S, 3 shorts on S will be just like pressing the button [ 3 ]
    4=1S1A, 1 short on S then 1 short on A will be just like pressing the button [ 4 ] or [ < ]
    5=1A1S, 1 short on A then 1 short on S will be just like pressing the button [ 5 ] or [ > ]
    6=1A, 1 short on A will be just like pressing the button [ 6 ] or [ power ]
    To set-up the protocol, enter "test" in the edit box, then [Apply] then [Reboot]
    In UI pages over the symbol of battery, the shorts will be shown as they are read by MECHA.
    E.g. 1S will tell one single short was detected on S, while 1S1A mean one short on S then 1 short on A were detected.
    After designing the protocol replace "test" with "1=1S,2=2S,3=3S,4=1S1A,5=1A1S,6=1A,"
    but with actual conventions you're happy with, then [ Apply ]
    This will disable the shutter confirmation on that particular MECHA

    MECHA DAC - Shutter confirmation via AUX cable works now also for the cable connected to V MECHA.
    If, for whatever reasons, is need to restrict the AUX and CAM ports to H MECHA,
    there is now in /config [x] Use local CAM and AUX ports only.
    This can give a slightly fast overall panorama shooting, with less data exchange between MECHAs,
    provided the cables are connected to H MECHA.

    MECHA DAC - Addressed an issue causing MECHAs to reset when long continuous rotations were made.

    MECHA DAC - Addressed an issue causing MECHAs not being connected without pairing PIN

    MECHA DAC - Increased speed in communication between MECHAs

    If paused, MECHA can be resumed by pressing button [>] as well as from UI by click/tap on [Pause]

    Improved the performance in checking for allowed automatic pairing if Pairing PIN is used.

    MECHA DAC Added in /config Pairing PIN [1234] which is optional if you have more than 2 MECHAs connected to the same network or to same hot-spot and want to be automatically paired at start.
    The MECHAs which have the same PIN will be paired together.
    All the pairing methods and previous requirements are still valid.
    Once paired, if the PIN is changed in H MECHA will automatically set the same in V MECHA
    If want to break the pairing, please set a different PIN in V MECHA

    Added 232< code to disable or enable the LEDs, useful during night photography.
    The LEDs will light however if buttons are pressed for entering a code, to show the result of a code or for battery check.
    Enhanced the performance of MECHA DAC by using less RAM for communication.

    Improved the Automatic pairing, If MECHA SSID names starts with MECHA-H and MECHA-V and both are connected to the same network, like a phone hot-spot, they will automatically pair at start.
    The LEDs will lit - on MECHA-H and = on MECHA-V accordingly.

    Improved the S-Language regarding the loop.
    Added a DAC Column Example on Server.

    Addressed an issue related to Scripts starting with T or Z not having vertical movements sometimes.

    Addressed an issue related to S-Language which made the Square pattern panorama examples from Server to not move as it should.

    Addressed an issue preventing entering to AP+STA via button [3] at start in the case of slow routers.
    Increased the maximum scanning time for an non existing Wi-Fi to 30 sec., needed in the case of slow routers for a successful establish of the connection in STA and AP+STA
    The scanning can be stopped via short press on power button.
    Addressed an issue which caused updates from old FW to require /delang to display labels properly, and display XXXXXX on some cases

    Added 1321 test Execute a test panorama for MECHA DAC to left or to right (12 shots around, 3 rows at 0,+- 45 deg. plus Zenith and Nadir. The code needs to be entered in H MECHA and the V MECHA needs to be raised i.e. oriented downward, like for the nadir photo.
    The first time please test the codes without camera mounted.
    The tests can be stopped by pressing the power button.

    Addressed an issue regarding the [Cancel] command not working with DAC presets, sometimes.

    MECHA DAC Improvements and increased stability for FW update both at once
    from MECHA H from UI or using the code 3212312<
    Provided the naming pattern starts with MECHA-H and MECHA-V and the units are paired, when updating MECHA H from UI or via 312312< 31212< codes, the update will assure both units to have the same FW regardless if one or the other were updated individually. The update time was reduced from 4 minutes to 2:40, it might vary, depending on internet connection.
    This will be in effect at the next update if both units have at least C1E_02060.

    MECHA DAC Improvements and increased stability for FW update both at once using code 3212312<
    This will be in effect at the next update from C1E_02059, of course.

    Addressed an issue regarding V MECHA not being stopped by [STOP] or [CANCEL] or by power button from H MECHA if its movement was started by a script.

    Improvements in automatic pairing for MECHA DAC
    Added third method for pairing
    1) Start H MECHA and at -=-=-=-= press [1] 3 seconds (until multiple beeps are heard)
    2) Start V MECHA and at -=-=-=-= press [2] 3 seconds (until multiple beeps are heard)
    MECHAs will be automatic paired and will remain paired after power OFF then ON
    This procedure will create
    MECHA-H-DAC with password 12345678 and
    MECHA-V-DAC with password 12345678
    If in /config of H MECHA, the SSID name is changed and password is changed, if both MECHAs are ON and paired, the SSID and password will be changed in V MECHA as well as long as SSID starts with MECHA-H in the first one.
    So after the MECHAs are paired and the SSID and name is changed in config of H MECHA say, from
    MECHA-H-DAC to MECHA-H123 with password 87654321
    V MECHA will receive the name MECHA-V123 and same password 87654321

    As result of these, without using any method of pairing,
    a MECHA-V999 in STA mode will always try to pair with MECHA-H999 if its SSID is ON and both have the same password and only the H-V difference in SSID name.
    If MECHA V needs to be used unpaired, either press [1] short at -=-=-= or change the default mode to AP or change the name with different pattern

    This also opens the way to pair remotely two MECHAs via support, if needed, if they can access the Internet

    In Script text area, :: will be automatically replaced with = to allow more easy input from phones.
    Some other keyboard short-cuts will be added when needed.

    Optimizations in AP+STA mode.
    When MECHA is in AP+STA mode and the connection to SSID cannot be maintained or the SSID isn't available, it will automatically switch to AP only until reboot.
    The time of automatic scanning (LEDs lit animated up and down) of a needed and missing SSID is reduced to:
    10 seconds automatic at start.
    30 seconds before updating via codes.
    1 minute when connecting to a new SSID from UI.
    These times allows the starting an hot-spot, if needed.
    The scanning stops immediate when the SSID is found or the power button is pressed.

    Optimizations at FW update.
    When updating, MECHA will try silently to connect to the last SSID was connected to,
    in both AP and AP+STA mode, only if it fails it will ask for connection to an Internet enabled SSID to perform the update.

    Addressed an issue regarding S language when the script contains consequent blank spaces.

    Added in /config [100] [Set Wi-Fi Power] button, it accepts values from 0 (minimum power) to 100 (maximum power)
    The Wi-Fi will work on whole range, default is 100.

    Added s branch to S language (beta) to allow more easy scripting of a particular pattern.
    Will be explained here
    with examples added soon and based on request.

    More optimizations regarding pairing with buttons only.
    The default mode AP, STA or AP+STA will be set automatically to make pairing in effect at next start, preserving AP+STA and AP when is possible.
    The AP, STA or AP+STA can be forced to a particular mode using buttons [1]..[3] at -=-=-= like before.

    Addressed an issue causing fast flashing and not continue when a DAC preset was executed on MECHAs connected via 1212< and 12< codes.

    Optimizations regarding automatic pairing and Team build of MECHAs.
    Pairing set by buttons only will not change the default mode regarding AP, STA or AP+STA.
    If MECHAs are connected together, the 1 LED on H MECHA and 2 LEDs on V MECHA will be light up again after an idle time of 10 seconds of H MECHA, this should offer a better indication regarding MECHA being connected.
    Team build via 1212< and 12< codes will be better kept in sinc. and also will display 1 LED and 2 LEDs on connected MECHAs
    Team build started on one MECHA with [ Team ] or 1212< code will automatically exit from team building once a signal from another MECHA is received ( after the 12< confirmation on other MECHA ) and LEDs will light accordingly.

    Added a 15 seconds timeout and try before show LOADING FAILED!
    in the case of the presets loaded from server.

    Increased the maximum number of presets in MECHA storage from 100 to 250.
    The first entry in Preset list will show [ current number : available ] at loading of the UI page.

    Improved the S language to allow positions without any shoot or multiple shoots.

    Addressed an issue regrading Row and Turn pages not loaded properly and display XXXXXX on some OS

    Added 131, 132, 1312, 1313 test codes for execute a test pano in both single MECHA and MECHA DAC

    131< or 131> Execute a test pano for single MECHA to left or to right. (6 shoots around).
    132< or 132> Execute a test pano for single MECHA to left or to right. (12 shoots around).
    1312< or 1312> Execute a test pano for MECHA DAC to left or to right (12 shots around, 3 rows at 0,+- 45 deg. plus Zenith and Nadir. The code needs to be entered in H MECHA and the V MECHA needs to be parked i.e. oriented upward, like for the zenith photo.
    1313< or 1313> same as 1312 except with V MECHA in horizontal position.
    The first time, please test the codes without camera mounted.
    The tests can be stopped by pressing the power button

    Optimizations of the S language for repetitive and incremental patterns.

    Added the Script text area in UI, visible when is script in MECHA internal language embedded in preset,
    The script can be edited directly and will complete or have priority over the settings.
    Some simple examples in, S language, for the requested presets, will be given in forum.

    Improved the S language to allow the scripting in compact form for Square Wave pattern panorama and other repetitive, with sense alternation, patterns.
    Added two examples of Square Wave panorama for 35mm lens on FF available via [More from Server..]

    The Wizard of MECHA (WoM) will use 5 languages internally: S, V, M, C and L
    S = Shooting (static images) with motion in between,
    V = Video, motion synchronized between MECHAs,
    M = Motion control only, toward robotic application, say, for lens barrel movements/rotations, zoom, focus, extend/retract pole up/down, rise microscope/tripod's column, moving lights, so on,
    C = Control, control only, of other MECHAs and Fanotec devices or cameras, without movement,
    L = List of tasks containing a mix of the S, V, M, and C languages.
    In this update, introducing the S language
    WoM will translate from human language to internal language upon application.
    Only S language support added, not WoM yet.

    Addressed an issue causing UI to become wider than screen on phones, when certain presets are loaded.

    For MECHA DAC. Enhanced "Z" and "T" possibilities even more to support panorama made from virtually infinite number of shots.

    For MECHA DAC. Enhanced "Z" and "T" possibilities even more, for list of angles by adding "@" modifier.
    This very powerful and allows the change of the interval for H MECHA on the fly
    E.g. "Z10^@30" will mean after 10 shoot the interval will be 30 deg.
    It allows the change of the rotation direction (from the starting direction) if is a negative number
    e.g. "Z10^@30,20^@-30,30^@15" will mean:
    after the 10 shot the interval will be 30 deg, after the 20 shot, the interval will be 30 deg, but in opposite direction, and after the 30 shot until the end will be 15 deg in the same direction as it started.
    e.g. "Z1^@10,10^@5,20^@10" will mean:" First 10 shots at 10 deg. then a more dense region of 10 shots at 5 deg,
    then after 20 shoot back to 10 deg interval.
    This will be more easy to set with the upcoming wizard, though the advanced users can use it right now.

    In /set page, made for quick upload a set of data
    (presets and other files), added
    [ Ring ] [ Row ] and [ Turn ] buttons on top, to click/tap on,
    just in case there is no data to be uploaded.

    Addressed the sense of rotation for P1 rotator, which is opposite than E1 and E2.
    All rotators have now the same sense of rotation
    If are used combo of MECHAs with different rotators, please set the appropriate rotator type in /config of each MECHA.

    Addressed an issue regarding [x 1] , number of moves, while saved and executed correctly, the setting is not loaded in UI from users presets.
    It is a highly recommended update as the issue is there from the beginning of loading the user presets (other than for the [1].. [3] buttons), however is affecting only the [X RIGHT] and [X LEFT] commands.

    For MECHA DAC. Enhanced "Z" and "T" possibilities for list of angles to work with both [Repeat ..] or [No Repeat] setting.

    For MECHA DAC, Added the possibility "T" to specify the movement in angles for a time-lapse when booth MECHAs needs to move
    Is the same as "Z" pattern, except the intervals will be more equals as even the zero movements are executed by V MECHA.
    "Z" can be used for time lapse as well and if zero movements needs to be executed by V MECHA, ^z or ^Z can be used instead of ^0. e.g.
    Z1^z,10^0.5,300^z is the same as
    Z1^0,10^0.5,300^0 except the zero movements will be executed
    When "T" is used any zero movement is executed, so is no need for ^z nor ^Z
    will have all zero moves executed by V MECHA thus the shots being more equally distributed in time.

    for MECHA DAC, Added the possibility "Z" to specify the movement in angles for "Z" shaped pattern.
    This open the way to shot irregular patterns, like for long focal lens for certain areas,
    nature (avoid sky and water), urban panos (follow the building, skyline) so on, as well as time-lapses of multi-row panoramas.

    If the list of angles starts with "Z",
    e.g. "Z2^10,4^0,10^10"
    For 12 shoots panorama will mean:
    H MECHA rotates two positions, then starting with position number 2, V MECHA rotates 10 deg.
    and will keep rotate 10 degrees with every position until at position 4 when that added rotation becomes 0,
    then V MECHA will have added rotation 0 until position 10 when will start to have added rotation of -10 deg.
    thus after 12 shoot V MECHA is in the same position.
    if is need for only a 10 degrees jump, the list needs to be written as:
    This will have only one rotation up at position 2 and only one down at position 10,
    after both, the rotation is zeroed by the next modifier.
    These will be more easy to set with the upcoming wizard, though the advanced users can use it right now.
    As this do not require [Repeat] it can be used for time-lapse made with MECHA DAC.
    e.g. [24 shoots] at 30 deg. will mean 2 rows if used a modifier at 12, like
    In which case [x 24] and [ 24 x RIGHT] or [24 x LEFT] needs to be used.

    Addressed an issue which caused updates from old FW to require /delang to display labels properly.

    For MECHA DAC, added commands for start from a parked position of V MECHA,
    if the list of angles for V MECHA starts with "P^" V MECHA will rotate the angle specified then the shooting of set follows.
    e.g. P^-90,... will mean -90 deg. movement in P convention (like in PTGui with camera with grip up) then the sequence will be executed, (useful when MECHA DAC is parked and camera is oriented up, usual for transportation and lens cleaning) so the camera will rotate to horizontal position then will do the sequence.
    P^90,... is suited when camera is oriented toward nadir (spirit level in frame, like after vertical mounting on horizontal base, good time to double-check the NPP settings left-right)
    the above is a sequence for doing 8 shoots around 3 rows (+-45 deg.) + Z + N and started from parked position and ends up in parking position (last 90)
    is the same but starts and ends in horizontal position (0 deg. pitch)

    For the fixed settings in /config the value shown in UI will have " > " added and the fixed value
    e.g. [ 6 RPM > 9 ] which will mean the value selected is 6 RPM
    but MECHA will use 9 RPM because 9 is set as fixed value for RPM in /config.

    Added [custom] option for motion profile in Row and Turn pages,
    to be possible to select a custom motion profile if provided by support.
    Until now was possible only via fixed settings in the config/ page.
    Both ways will work from now on.

    Addressed an issue causing the V MECHA to rotate in opposite direction.
    Issue introduced in C1E_02024

    Added [Help] button and /help page in UI
    it will host help, links to guides, videos and other documentation about using MECHA.

    The [info] button in UI will show/hide the [HELP] [Config] and [NEW] buttons at top.

    Introducing check for available updates and info about "What's New" to be read before the actual update.
    This is enabled (by default) in /config by
    [x] Check if there is any FW update available if MECHA has connection to Internet.

    Optimized the show-hiding of the controls via [info] button in each UI page.

    For translators of the UI, is possible and recommended to use "~" to help MECHA UI to hyphen a very long word.
    e.g. "counter~clockwise" will made UI to show the word as "counter-
    clockwise" and as "counterclockwise" depending on the available space.

    Addressed an issue regarding MECHA DAC with different rotator on H MECHA vs V MECHA.
    For such cases it needs that in /config of each MECHA to specify the rotator used for each MECHA.
    If want specific speed/micro-step or motion profile for V MECHA
    these needs to be set as fixed values in /config of V MECHA.
    For H MECHA the speed/micro-step and motion profile (load) can be set as regular in UI and taken from presets
    or can be set fixed in /config.

    Fixed settings set in /config will have gray background in UI
    (their values will have no effect)
    as opposite to black background for the regular settings.

    Hiding/Showing the Presets List via [info] will hide/show the related buttons as well.

    Simplified the show and hide of the controls in UI.
    The controls now can be made visible or become hidden in UI via [info] button only, by ticking the corresponding [x] Show for each control.

    Added possibility to hide [Left] [10 Shots] [Right]
    IMG, Delays, Motion and Repeat settings,
    and Presets List related controls,
    useful to prevent changing, loading or shooting a full set around or when MECHA is Vertical MECHA in DAC
    At some point all the controls in UI will may be set Read-only or Hidden directly from their page.

    Enhancements in /config for a bit advanced users.
    Added check boxes for hiding some less used buttons,
    the buttons can be accessed via [info] button and used even if are hidden.
    Some settings can be set now as fixed in /config, the values entered there will have priority over those from UI or from presets imported or downloaded, even over the button presets,
    say, the RPM needs to be fixed at 9, or AF to 0 as for MF.
    The fixed settings will not be shown in UI, however, they can be viewed via [info] button, as information only,
    the values for fixed settings set in /config will have priority.
    Letting the fields empty(default) will have values set from UI or presets like before.

    If [Presets] -first entry - is selected in Presets Lists,
    [Delete] will delete all presets after offering to export All Presets in a single file.

    Added [Empty] which will empty the Presets List without deleting the presets,
    might be useful before importing, downloading from server or when making variants from a single preset.
    At UI re-load, all existing presets will be visible again.

    Optimized a bit the loading time of UI.

    Added in /config , enabled by default
    [x] Enable "More from Server.." option for the Presets List when MECHA has connection to Internet
    If you don't intend to download presets from server, you can disable that there.

    Addressed an issue causing [ H MECHA / config ] button to appear in /config when is not MECHA DAC used.

    Enhancements of getting presets from Server in Presets List,
    like search for a particular preset, say, "F0001" if was produced in support for a particular situation.

    Added [More from Server..]
    and [More from MECHA User..] (disabled for now)
    options in the Preset List in UI, visible only if MECHA is connected to Internet.
    Selecting [More from Server..] will add to list the presets available on Server,
    starting with "(s) " in name.
    The presets can be loaded and used as usual, if found useful, is good to be saved to have a local copy for when MECHA has no Internet available.
    If use MECHA DAC, the presets with DAC in name are specially set for DAC.
    This is just introduced, for now only some test presets are available,
    the collection will be extended in the future,
    also the option for loading specific presets from particular MECHA users will be enabled in upcoming FW updates.

    Added the possibility "P" to specify the angles for repeat relative to the initial position of the second (Vertical) MECHA
    if the list starts with "P", works the same as "R" except with inverted direction.
    e.g. "P-45,45,1:90,-90,0"
    The "P" will be more suited if camera is mounted with the grip up on MECHA DAC (the most usual)
    While the "R" convention, if using the camera mounted with the grip down on MECHA DAC
    so it will match better the up-down sense used in various stitching programs.
    Related info in C1E_01419 note down below.

    Addressed an issue regarding MECHA-V123 have MECHA-V SSID instead
    and no SSID password when connected using the 8 digits code
    Both MECHAs connected using have now the same SSID password if connected using the 8 digits code.

    For for Dual Axis Combo (DAC) in Row and Turn UI,
    a box [ H ] for horizontal or [ V ] for vertical is visible depending on which UI is used
    With click/tap on [ H ] or [ V ] the U.I. will switch to the other MECHA in combo.
    The switch take couple of seconds now but will be instant in future FW updates.
    ATM, the UI of MECHA with [ H ] can be used for direct horizontal movements
    and dual axis movements (via presets),
    while UI with [ V ] can be used for vertical (up and down) movements.

    Enhancements in zLM (zero Learning MECHA) for Dual Axis Combo (DAC)
    If the same power code made of 8 digits is entered on two MECHAs, like
    Those two MECHA units will become automatically connected in a Dual Axis Combo.
    The steps are:
    1) Download a file with the presets you want to use from , on a Phone or PC.
    2) Power up both MECHAs and wait until -=-=-=-= ends.
    3) Choose the code, it needs to start with 0 and have 8 digits, no two identical digits one next to another and has to end with an extra ">" e.g. 01231231>
    4) Enter the code on first MECHA, the horizontal one, say it MECHA-H, using MECHA-H buttons [0] is [power]
    5) When MECHA-H beeps like 5 times enter the same code on Vertical MECHA, say it MECHA-V using MECHA-V buttons.
    6) Connect with Phone or PC to MECHA-H123 SSID, the SSID has first 3 digits after 0 in its name
    7) The password for MECHA-H123 is the code without ">" i.e. 01231231
    8) Browse to and upload the file containing the presets you downloaded at (1)
    9) Use the power codes from presets descriptions, to shoot a panorama.

    Every time when the MECHAs will be started they will be connected as DAC.
    On MECHA-H LED will look like "-" and on MECHA-V like "=" right after start.
    If isn't so, power down and up both MECHA again, preferably power up the MECHA-H first
    Once you get more familiar with MECHA, you can use it in advanced way,
    via the UI, this is only given as a quick start, with very little to learn.

    Addressed an issue regarding simple pulse protocol (SPP) on AUX port and both E:0 and Shutter confirmation which can lead in SPP not working in certain situations.

    Addressed an issue regarding "LOADING.." not showing on Apple devices and on old Android phones when loading an user saved preset in UI. (other than button [1]..[3] presets)
    Addressed an issue regarding [..sensor] select for E2 not showing, sometimes, if the rotator was set in /config

    Added in /config selector of the rotator used as:
    [From Presets] (default) , [E1], [E2], [P1], [AUTO] (disabled, for now).

    In [S1], [S2] and [S3], i.e. when [Load] [Save].. buttons are not visible,
    selecting a preset from list will load the preset in UI.
    In [A1], [A2] and [A3], like before, the selected preset from list can be loaded, renamed so on..
    using the corresponding buttons.

    Added confirmation about restoring data from the selected file.
    Added buttons [Ring], [Row], [Turn] in /config

    RAM usage optimization, highly recommended update.

    Enhancements in zLM (zero Learning MECHA)
    Added [x] Use "zLM" if available .. in /config (enabled by default)
    The zLM preset received via zLM is visible in presets list as -zLM-
    That could be starting point for other presets, it can be loaded and used and/or changed and saved with other name.
    Deleting the -zLM- from presets list will forget that preset until is received again (if use zLM is ticked)
    The server send no zLM preset unless explicitly asked via other ways, forum, chat, so on..
    More details about the ways for requests later.
    Without such request made, the zLM is not enabled by server so zLM is safe to be let ON or OFF in /config

    Introducing zLM SSID seeking code
    This can be used for both zLM or for connection to Wi-Fi using MECHA buttons.
    If a power code made of 8 digits is entered, like
    MECHA will search for "zLM" SSID (case sensitive) and, if found, will connect to it, using 01231231 as password
    that password can be changed, say, 03213213
    it is need to match with the password set in SSID set-up
    This can be used in order to enable an hot-spot on a phone/tablet/pc with Internet and connect MECHA to it.
    The same restrictions apply as for other power codes - the codes should have different number one from the next one, and only one "0" at beginning.

    Added support for simple pulse protocol on AUX port, for some upcoming accessories connected at AUX port.

    Better handling of backup and presets files if saved and load from different OS and browsers.

    Congrats! This is the New Generation of FW running in MECHA
    If some settings/presets look missing, please restore the data previously backed-up in C1E_014xx FW

    This FW update make the preparation for the next generation (NG) of FW which starts with C1E_02001
    NG has a new memory footprint, in short, has twice as much storage space available
    For this reason the NG will format the current MECHA storage.
    To have all settings/presets preserved, MECHA will require to back-up data then restore it.
    If that process is successfully done, the update to C1E_02001 can be performed and first time, after that update, when the UI is accessed the restore of the data needs to be done again.
    That will result in MECHA with new generation of FW and all the old settings/presets preserved.

    Addressed an issue regarding dual axis combo of two MECHAs, when if the pano is made to [LEFT] (counter clockwise) extra unneeded rotation of horizontal MECHA were made before Nadir and Zenith shots, but to [RIGHT] was OK.

    Introducing Zero Learning MECHA (aka zLM) mode for use of MECHA.
    This allows the use of MECHA without need of use of interface (UI), just pressing one button and another for direction (the sense of rotation)
    The only requirement is for MECHA to be connected to internet when you test if that is what you want.
    Is no need to be connected to Wi-Fi nor Internet when you actually use it, only first time after a change in what you want is made, i.e. only when testing.

    Added in /config MCU i2c Speed: Standard=default, Fast, Turbo.
    There is no reason to be changed, ATM.

    Addressed an issue regarding Status Feedback in UI display positive angles in both direction if a button preset was launched using the MECHA buttons.

    Optimizations in communications between MCUs

    [Restore Data] button is now visible in /config
    To restore a previously saved backup
    Click/tap on [Restore Data] then browse to 'backup(..).mbk' file and confirm, depending on browser used,
    then [OK] and wait for UI to re-load.
    Make the changes in /config, if needed, then [Apply] then power cycle MECHA.

    Button 1.. Button 3 presets can be now directly exported even if the presets were saved from older than C1E_01472.
    MECHA will automatically convert then export them properly.


    Happy New Year 2o2o !

    Added support for backup and restore of all data in MECHA.
    In /config page there is [Backup Data] which will export all data from MECHA to 'backup.mbk' file.
    The file is safe to be sent for support and debug purpose or for data to be cloned on other MECHA
    It not contain any other Wi-Fi data, except the SSID name/password of the MECHA itself.

    Although is working, the button for restore from the backup file is not visible yet,
    until the backup and restore procedures are more tested.
    It is recommended, however, to backup data ASAP, just in case is needed for restore at some point.
    [Save Data] button becomes now [Apply] as is more suited for applying the changes made in /config

    Added in /config page
    [x] Switch the Left - Right rotation when done by MECHA buttons.
    If the option is not ticked (default) the rotation sense matches the rotation from UI, as before.
    This affects only the adjustments of the orientation using [<] and [>] buttons of MECHA.
    It has no effect on codes, power codes nor on button presets.

    Added support for "Bulb" mode on for cameras with this feature:
    If modifier starts with "B",
    like B2EV or B-2EV or B1 or
    or B1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32
    or My AEB;B1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32
    MECHA will assume "bulb" mode and the time shutter is closed is the one computed, or entered.
    If there is not "B" MECHA will assume "regular trigger" mode and the minimum time shutter is closed
    is 0.25 sec. just like the way one will press on camera's button.

    The "label" of a preset becomes "name" from now on.
    Added [Rename] button in UI for renaming a preset.
    To rename a preset, select first the preset then click/tap on [Rename]

    Added support for exporting all presets in one file.
    To export all presets in one file, select the 'Presets' from presets list,
    then click/tap on [Export]
    All presets will be exported in 'all_presets.mps' file.
    If you rename that file let the name starts with "all_presets" if you want to import the presets back in (other) MECHA.
    To import the presets exported, click/tap on [Import] then browse to 'all_presets(..).mps' file and confirm, depending on browser used.
    The UI will re-load automatically and the imported presets will have "(i)" next to name in presets list.
    Is recommended to rename the imported preset with their name or other name to remove the (i)
    before the next [Import] procedure, otherwise duplicates in list can occur if the same presets are included in file and imported again, and can be more difficult to deal with later.

    After you renamed or saved the imported presets,
    in order to delete all unneeded "(i)" presets you can select one such preset then delete it and confirm to delete all "(i)" presets.

    Button 1.. Button 3 presets can be now directly exported once the presets are saved from at least this FW on.
    Therefore is recommended to load and save each Button 1.. Button 3 after this update.

    Addressed an issue regarding Import procedure failed to start after several imports.

    Simplified the procedure for import of a preset.
    The imported preset goes directly in the presets list without wait for page to re-load.
    The imported preset is selected and have "Not Saved - " to mark that is not saved yet and (i) as mark that is imported.
    That is useful for both testing or changing of some values, before saving the preset, if want to be saved.
    At saving, both "Not Saved - " and "(i)" mark will be removed automatically.

    Introducing [Import] and [Export] of a preset buttons in UI.

    In order to export a preset:
    1) - optional - Save the current settings if needed
    2) Select the preset from [Presets] list.
    3) - optional - Click/tap on [Load] to be sure is the preset you want to export.
    4) Click/tap on [Export] and confirm the export procedure.
    5) a file called "preset.mps" will be downloaded from MECHA, you can rename it and store it, say, on PC
    In order to import a preset:
    1) - optional - Save the current settings if needed
    2) Click/tap on [Import]
    3) if the browse for file window/dialog isn't opened, click/tap on [Browse]
    4) Browse and select the "preset.mps" file or with other name (if is re-named), then confirm the opening of that file, that procedure could depend on browser used
    5) Wait until the UI is reloaded, after that, the imported preset should be in the [Presets] list.

    These features will be enhanced more with multiple presets exported at once, check and auto-rename of duplicate entries, so on..

    Introducing "Power codes"

    A power code is a code which starts with 0, the power button of MECHA can be used to enter 0
    If a preset has the label starting with 0 and some numbers, like 0123, and a space (blank)
    e.g. a preset named "0123 6 IMGs around" will have the power code 0123
    the power code 0123< will launch that preset to left
    the power code 0123> will launch that preset to right
    The power code will keep flashing on LEDs until the power button is pressed again.
    That is useful if you want to repeat the panorama or the shooting sequence (bracketing) again and again without need to enter the power code again and again.
    There is a safety in order to prevent wrong codes entered, the codes should have different number one from the next one, i.e. code 01222 is not valid but, say, 0123232323 is valid.
    The power codes cannot contain other zeros. e.g. 012102 is not valid.
    Pressing power after you started to enter the code will cancel it, useful in case of mistakes.

    These new additions opens the way for zero documentation and 0 time for learning needed, to use MECHA.
    Direct MECHA to MECHA presets exchange, from an advanced user to a newbie,
    and Server to MECHA presets exchange (for download a pack of desired presets) will be added soon.
    If someone wants, he/she can use MECHA only entering only the 1..4 digit codes, even without UI.

    Addressed an issue regarding negative "A:" affecting the last image from a set.

    Enhanced the power of "M:"
    If "E:" is 0 the "M:" modifier apply to any negative "A:" delay,
    as result, a delay matching with camera shutter time can be set after each image, when bracketing is used in camera.
    The "E:" delay will be just enough to trigger the camera.

    Optimizations of delays if entered as negative value, like negative "A:" for delay after each shutter actuation.

    Addressed an issue regarding the beep level in /config not reflecting the current value set.
    Improved the communication in dual MECHA combo, regarding shoots with delays adjusted by modifier.
    In UI of main MECHA, [Shoot] button will trigger also the port of second MECHA

    Merry X-Mas !

    Addressed an issue regarding EV format of M":" not working.

    To be more easy to recognize a modifier "M:"
    or a list of angles in dual MECHA combo,
    both "M:" and list of angles accepts now a leading comment
    like "My modifier;"
    a text separated by ";" from the actual modifier or list of angles.

    The selection box will suggest the last clicked/taped value when select a new "custom"
    this should help in adding new custom values starting from the old one, especially in case of complex values.


    To be more easy to find a preset, the preset list is sorted at open of UI, and the new presets added in current session goes to the end of the list.


    Some changes in UI regarding [Load 1] .. [Load 3] buttons.
    The label of the presets will go in preset list instead of [Load 1] .. [Load 3]
    as, Button 1 : label_for_button_1_preset .. Button 3: label_for_button_1_preset
    Click/tap on [Load 1] .. [Load 3] will select and load their corresponding button preset in preset list,
    to be more clear what preset is assigned to them.

    The modifier list "M:" designed for a large number of IMG can be used without change for a number of less IMG, e.g. if the modifier is for 11 IMG, it can be used for 1..11 IMG, without need of change.
    MECHA will automatically reduce the list like in this example
    0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal in middle)
    9 IMG: 0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8,16
    7: 0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8
    5: 0.25,0.50,1,2,4
    4: 0.50,1,2,4
    3: 0.50,1,2
    2: 1,2
    1: 1
    1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal at beginning)
    9: 1,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16
    7: 1,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8
    5: 1,0.25,0.50,2,4
    4: 1,0.50,2,4
    3: 1,0.50,2
    2: 1,2
    1: 1

    Addressed an issue when timing resulted from automatic extension of M: from EV could result in correct values but might be too fast to trigger ON/OFF successfully via the remote cable for some cameras, thus resulting in skipping by camera of the short exposures.

    Addressed an issue when saved "M:" values have " sec" trail when loaded from a preset.

    Addressed a situation when, at certain load of presets in UI, UI asks "enter a numeric value.."

    The Modifier "M:" accepts now compact forms like:
    -0.7EV or -0.7ev which will result in:
    under > normal > over - extended internally to the number of IMGs
    and 0.7EV or 0.7ev which will result in:
    normal > under > over - extended internally to the number of IMGs
    also a 3 values modifier like 0.5,1,2 will extend internally to the number of IMG in this manner:
    0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal in middle)
    and 1,0.5,2 will extend internally to the number of IMG in this manner:
    1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal at beginning)

    Addressed an issue about not being able to enter custom values in UI.

    [E:] accepts time as 1/T e.g. like 1/100 sec.
    Introducing the [M:] modifier which multiplies the [E:] for each image in set of [IMG] by a value from a given list
    e.g. [3 IMG]..[M:1,0.5,2][E:1/10 sec] will result in:
    E: 1/10 sec for 1st image, from 1*(1/10)
    E: 1/20 sec for 2nd image, from 0.5*(1/10)
    E: 1/5 sec for 3rd image, from 2*(1/10)

    For now this should be flexible enough to accommodate the bracketing sequences implemented in various cameras.
    Wizards for various settings are coming which will include also bracketing with terms like +,0,- and EV the camera uses.

    Addressed a situation when, at certain load of presets in UI, UI asks "enter a numeric value.."
    Addressed an issue about custom values have no leading "E:" or "W:" when loaded from presets.

    Added in /config page of UI
    When Charging : [Stay ON] (default) or [Turn OFF]
    [Turn OFF] is recommended if MECHA is not intended to be used with charging cable inserted.
    This will prevent accidentally rotation of MECHA by commands from UI, when charging
    and reduces the charging time to minimum
    Similar effect has the 231< code as well.

    Added in /config page of UI, the buttons: [V MECHA / config] or [H MECHA / config]
    if MECHAs are automatically connected at start,
    for easy access of configuration settings of the other MECHA

    Addressed an issue affecting old phones and back-forth browsing in browsers, when SF (status feedback) shows "Waiting.." despite the server being available, e.g. the commands worked fine but SF failed.

    Addressed an issue causing long time for MECHA to become ready again if was stopped from a gigapixel panorama made from thousands of photos.

    Addressed an issue causing MECHA to reboot if was paused more than 13 minutes from UI.

    Added support for more compact way for moves and angles lists for dual MECHA (axis/combo).

    If in step by step mode, UI will show [NEXT] instead of [PAUSE] and will wait for click/tap on [NEXT] to advance to the next position.

    Removed the limit of 30 chars of a custom value which restricted the length of a value for dual MECHA combo.
    Enhanced the pause feature:
    1) During the pause, some extra shoots can be done if click on [Shoot], even with temporary change of the values of IMG.
    2) If pause is set before the moving sequence starts, MECHA will be in step by step mode, advancing to next position only after click on [Pause], other trigger events for advance to next step will be added later.

    When MECHAs are team up together these commands from UI of main MECHA
    or H(orizontal) MECHA, if in dual combo,
    will affect both MECHAs:
    1) Changing of the Beep level (temporary value)
    2) Power saving mode (temporary value)
    3) Reboot
    4) Shut Down

    Addressed an issue causing the combined update not being initiated, for dual combo MECHA

    Addressed an issue causing an extra empty confirmation dialog appearing when [Save 0] was used without specifying a label.

    Introducing 3212312< code, it is like 32123< for updating the FW, but has 12 as extra.
    This is very powerful code in dual mode and allows the update of both MECHA, if only one has connection to Internet.
    1st MECHA needs to be in AP+STA mode, STA connected to Wi-Fi with internet access, phone on..
    and 2nd MECHA in STA mode and connected to 1st MECHA.
    After -=-=-= the LEDs will show "." on 1st MECHA and ":" on 2nd MECHA.
    if is not like that then for some reasons they aren't connected.
    if 3212312< is entered on 1st MECHA (the horizontal one in dual axis combo)
    it will start an automatic process consisting in:
    1) 1st MECHA will download the FW (from Internet).
    2) 2nd MECHA will update the FW from 1st MECHA and will re-boot.
    3) 1st MECHA will update the FW and re-boot.
    4) The MECHAs will appear again connected as "." and ":", ready to use, with the new FW.
    From tests, this process take under 4 min. , but could take longer, depending on the network environment,
    it will automatically cancel in 15 minutes, however.
    If, for whatever reason, the process can't be started, 1st MECHA will show "! ! !" on LEDs
    if no update found, ". . ." will be shown on LEDs.

    Addressed two issues in dual mode:
    1) at FW update attempt of second MECHA, it expected to have Internet available from 1st MECHA thus failed to ask for connection to Internet.
    2) When in STA mode with no Internet after connection to other Wi-Fi for Internet access, if update wasn't found, the message wasn't shown as the old connection of UI was OFF, UI had no means to acknowledge.
    As a fix, MECHA will show also on LEDs ". . ." if an update isn't found.
    Will be some improvements here in the future.

    Limited to 5 seconds the time the code of the last button or IR is shown instead of the battery level, in UI.

    Introducing a full automatic mode for connection between two MECHA.
    If one MECHA is in AP (or AP+STA) mode and a second MECHA is in STA mode connected to the first MECHA AP
    a team will be automatic build at start.
    After powering up sequence, the team will be automatically build, three beeps will be heard on 1st MECHA, provided beeps are loud, then the first MECHA will have 1 LED light and the second MECHA will have 2 LEDs light.

    Addressed an issue (introduced in 01430) regarding MECHA not waiting long enough at - = - = for button [3] to be pressed 3 seconds for Wi-Fi reset, hence Wi-Fi reset was not triggered unless [3] was pressed before - = - =

    Alternate with the battery level in UI, will be shown the code corresponding to last button pressed or code received from a compatible IR remote.

    The character " ' " will be replaced with " ` " if is used in labels also for [Save 1] .. [Save 3] buttons.

    Added confirmation for overwriting of a preset in list if it already exist with the same label.
    To avoid problems with strings and old presets, the character " ' ", if exists in the label of a preset or in its info, will be automatically replaced with " ` "

    Addressed the LED blinking at start issue, introduced in 01434.
    Addressed the UI layout differences regarding the preset list.
    The [Load] and [Save] of the default values for UI page becomes [Load 0] and [Save 0] to be differentiated from the [Load] and [Save] for preset list.

    Addressed an issue regarding the list of custom presets not working properly.

    Addressed an issue preventing the enter of the custom values for IMG.

    Introducing the list of custom presets, along with [Load], [Save] and [Delete] buttons,
    other buttons will follow soon like export/import of the presets.
    [Load] load the selected preset from list, in UI.
    [Save] save a preset and add it in the list, with label indicated by user, it will overwrite an existing preset if it have the same label, a confirmation for overwriting will be added later.
    [Delete] delete the preset selected in list, the button presets cannot be deleted.

    Optimization of the serving of the /config.

    An workaround to handle Remote IR codes under 7.

    Rewritten the code handling the AP and STA modes.
    Added [Default Mode] in /config. to specify the default Wi-Fi mode when no buttons are pressed on MECHA at start when LEDs shows -=-=
    The options are: AP, STA, AP+STA, No Wi-Fi and Last Used
    If No Wi-Fi option is set as default, in order to access the web interface, is need to enable AP,STA or AP+STA from buttons first, at start,
    when LEDs shows -=-=
    Button [1] = AP
    Button [2] = STA
    Button [3] = AP+STA
    Button [3] (3 sec.) = Configuration reset
    Button [<] = No Wi-Fi
    No Buttons or [>] = Default Mode
    Regardless of what default mode is set, you can use the buttons at start to enable AP, STA or AP+STA temporally, until power OFF.
    To update the FW using 32123< code MECHA needs to be in STA or AP+STA mode and connected to a Wi-Fi with Internet access.
    Depending on Default Mode might be needed to enable temporarily STA or AP+STA at start via buttons, then enter the 32123< code.

    Added [Connect to Wi-Fi] button in /config page,
    that allows the connection with a particular IP in STA mode to a particular Wi-Fi network.
    Is need to [Save Data] then to click/tap to [Connect to Wi-Fi]
    then enter the credentials for that Wi-Fi.
    if the Wi-Fi is a hot-spot on the same phone,
    you can activate the hot-spot while MECHA tries to connect to it,
    then proceed to access the UI of MECHA through that Wi-Fi

    The change of the level of details in UI (top-left) are now persistent if accessed from trusted devices.
    Level of detail for UI in /new page (top-left) is removed, as is not necessary anymore.

    Added preferred level of detail for UI in /new page (top-left).
    The Row, Ring and Turn pages will start with that level.

    Also the shortcuts like /row?a3 will work for specific open an UI page with a particular level of detail.

    Addressed an issue when Team building, if started from UI, timed out on some phones,
    instead of keeping on scanning until stopped from UI or from power button.

    /config page re-designed a bit,
    [Trusted IP(s)] accepts a list, space or comma separated, of trusted IP, like of laptop, phone or tablet you may use.
    Useful mostly if the controlling devices have same IP over time.
    [Start Page] can have a parameter for Ring or Row pages, like ring?s3
    which will mean the UI will start with Ring page in S3 level of settings.

    Addressed an issue when MECHA fails to ask for Wi-Fi connection,
    when in AP mode and needs to check if an update is available.

    Introducing some security features:
    [Trusted IP] and [UI password], which are optional.
    Both can be set in the /config page.
    The modification in /config need to be done only from devices directly connected to MECHA, when is in AP mode.
    Only trusted devices can send commands to MECHA via UI.
    By default, the devices directly connected to MECHA are considered trusted, you can strength the security by changing the Wi-Fi password of MECHA SSID, if needed.
    For other connection situations, you may use [Trusted IP] to set an IP address which, if used by a device, will be considered trusted and/or [UI password] which, if entered in UI from a device, the device is considered trusted as well.
    If both [Trusted IP] and [UI password] are empty, all devices are considered trusted.
    Two MECHAs used in the same "Team" need to have the same [UI password] set in their /config page or no password at all.
    The Wi-Fi reset, by pressing [3] sec. at -=-=-=, will reset [Trusted IP] and [UI password] to none as well as SSID name and password and admin password to their out from factory status.
    If [UI password] is set and needs to be entered in UI, the password input edit box will be shown at the bottom of that page.
    The security features will be enhanced in future by adding some button codes, for some settings/override/confirmation situations.

    Added in /config the possibility to set IP address to static when MECHA is in STA mode.

    Optimizations in team/dual mode.
    The last part of the ip address of the second MECHA in team will appear on [Team] button in UI.

    Added [PAUSE] button in UI.
    This will not stop the current move,
    only after the current move is finished, the program will be paused.
    For continue, click/tap again on [PAUSE] in UI.
    The pause status will be shown in UI status feedback and the LEDs will blink ":"

    Major optimization regarding UI responsiveness.

    Added the possibility to specify the angles for repeat relative to the initial position of the second MECHA, if the list starts with "R".
    E.g. the default way, when the movements are described one after another:
    is equivalent with
    where the values represents, say, the pitch angles, if the initial position is horizontal.

    The modifier can have an optional "@" value, which set the degrees apart instead of shoots around, e.g.
    R-45,45,[email protected]:90,[email protected]:-90,0
    sets the two shoots a +- 90° to be at 60° apart.
    If either the modifier or the angles apart are negative in value, the direction of rotation will be reversed.

    Addressed an issue regarding the smoothness of moving left-right when use an IR remote.

    Addressed an issue regarding gesture mode in the Ring page of UI.

    The saved presets can be used for actual buttons of MECHA also for situations when two MECHA are wireless connected, proceeding with these steps:
    1) Power up both MECHA
    2) Start team build on horizontal MECHA entering 1212< code.
    3) confirm team participation on vertical MECHA entering 12< code.
    4) short press on power button of horizontal MECHA to stop the team build.
    the steps 1..4 needs to be done only once after power up.
    5) enter 1< or 1> to execute button 1 preset, the same 2<, 2>, 3<, 3>, for button 2 and 3 presets.

    For dual mode, with two MECHA wireless connected, the delay indicated like 4*2, will mean 2 seconds extra delay, as now the Main MECHA computes the time needed for the second MECHA to perform the rotations.
    If no extra delay after each vertical rotation is needed, 4*0 can be entered, though 4*1 might be better to allow the vibration to fade out.
    The RPM speed for second MECHA is the same as for the Main MECHA, as well as the micro steps and profiles, here will be fine tuning possible in the future.

    Added support for optional modifier for number of shots in the list of angles
    e.g. 10:-45 will mean 10 shots around for that repeat instead of the value set for shots around at start of the sequence.
    The modifier has effect until another modifier is found.
    e.g. -45,3:45,45,1:45,-180,90
    means first repeat unmodified, the 2nd and 3rd repeat will be 3 shoots around and the last two will be 1 shoot only.

    Addressed an issue regarding the ip of the second MECHA not acknowledged if entered manual instead of team building, if the preset was saved before with dual option.

    Stop and Cancel buttons from UI of Main MECHA affect also the second MECHA when dual MECHA option is used.

    Dual support removed from Ring UI page to keep the Ring simple and 1 axis only.

    Improved multiple MECHA support in Row and Turn UI pages.
    12< and 1212< codes meaning changed:
    1212< starts an assemble of MECHAs for multiple axis control.
    12< confirm participation to a team started by other MECHA.
    Added [Team] button in Row and Turn page which does the same as 1212< code.
    After 1212< code is entered, or first tap/click on [Team] in UI, the LEDs will show scanning for any MECHA willing to join the team and be controlled.
    The MECHA where Team was started in UI or 1212< code was entered, becomes the Main MECHA and will have control over other MECHAs.
    To join any other MECHA in team, enter the 12< code on that MECHA.
    The effect of joining by 12< should be instant and echoed by beeps in Main MECHA, if however, nothing happens, could be entered again.
    To stop the team assembly, either tap/click again on [Team] button in UI or press power button on Main MECHA.
    Regardless of being in a team or not, each MECHA still have its UI functional, further more, each MECHA can start its own team:
    e.g. with 5 MECHAs in network, 1 can assemble the 1,2,4 team and in the same time, 2 can assemble the 2,1,3,4 team, provided the other MECHAs confirm the participation.
    For now the control is limited to dual axis:
    Main MECHA and the last MECHA joined with 12< , the dual axis control itself will be extended further.
    Soon the control will be extended to as many axis as MECHA team consists of.
    As a note, the goal is assembly and save a team by MECHA IDs, independent of ip addresses and that will be achieved at some point.

    Addressed an issue regarding some old button presets (saved in very old FW),
    while executed correctly, weren't loaded correctly in UI.
    Improved the code 12< performance in sending the ip address to other MECHAs in network, also added code 1212< for extended sending, both codes can be canceled with the power button.
    These codes will be instant in future FW and replaced with an automatic pairing function.
    Also as a temporary solution, until full implementation of automatic multiple axis control, the list for moves for the second MECHA are saved with presets, for now just to avoid the need for typing again. This will be absorbed by the upcoming automatic multi axis control on both multiple MECHAs wireless connected or upcoming native MECHA multi axis controllers, or any combination of them.

    New naming for firmware in order to include the controller type in name.
    Added support for P1 rotator sensor, with the same conventions as for E2.

    Support and optimization for automatic detection of the upcoming rotator types.

    Enhanced the support for Sensor equipped rotators, the check-box regarding home sensor is changed to a selection box with
    [No Sensor], [Stop at Sensor] and [Cancel at Sensor] options.
    [No Sensor] = no action taken when sensor signal is detected.
    [Stop at Sensor] = immediate stop when sensor signal is detected.
    [Cancel at Sensor] = cancel the movement, with deceleration, according with motion profile, when sensor signal is detected.

    Introducing support for home sensor, like on E2 rotator.
    When [Stop at Home] is checked, MECHA will stop at and will not move from the position where the home sensor is detected.
    To leave that position, either [Stop at Home] needs to be un-checked or use [<] [>] or the slider.
    This feature will be improved. If no E2 rotator is used, the check box is not visible.
    Corrected full steps for the E2 rotator.

    Added 12< code to be used on second MECHA.
    After entering that code, that particular unit will send its ip address to other MECHAs in the same network.
    On 1st MECHA is no need to enter the ip manually, except when want to use a different 2nd MECHA in network.
    This feature will be enhanced further.

    When repeat is done assisted by a second MECHA, in [Dual] mode
    the trigger cable to camera can be plugged in any MECHA, which one is convenient,
    both MECHAs will trigger the camera, so even two cameras can be used, however, depending on connection between MECHAs, say, direct or via Internet, so on..., some lag can occur via 2nd MECHA
    There is no shutter confirmation yet via 2nd MECHA, this feature will be improved in the future.

    Addressed an issue regarding the communication between two MECHAs.

    Addressed an issue which made UI not working on some old phones.

    If MECHA is selected as [Dual] at [Repeat] UI will send these commands to both MECHAs
    [Stop], [Cancel], [Shut down] as well as [BEEP] settings and power save option.
    ATM the commands are sent by UI to MECHAs while the rotation commands are sent from MECHA to MECHA.

    Introducing support for use of two MECHA controller units.

    Added [Single] and [Dual] option at [Repeat].
    When [Dual] is selected, UI will prompt for the i.p. address of the second MECHA controller,
    then will ask for the moving intervals, in degrees, to be sent to the 2nd MECHA during the repeat pause(s).
    e.g. [Pause 2*5] and [30,-60,30°] will mean that at the first pause the 2nd MECHA will rotate its motor 30° to right,
    then 1st MECHA will repeat the shooting sequence then at the next pause, the 2nd MECHA will rotate 60° to left,
    and finally, 2nd MECHA will rotate 30° to right, thus ending in the same position.
    This scenario can be used when 2 MECHA are mounted on L-Type panoramic head, like NN3, but also in other situations.
    ATM, the speed of the 2nd MECHA is fixed at 5 RPM, will be controllable in the future.

    Addressed an issue regarding [Save] button in UI for default settings.

    Addressed an issue regarding labels and info used from Btn 1 to other Btns

    Added A1,A2,A3 and S1,S2,S3 optional parameters to open the UI with particular level of detail.
    e.g. /ring?a3 , /ring?A3 for Advanced 3 level or /ring?s1, /ring?S1 for Simple 1 level
    /ring?en can be used to show UI in English.
    e.g. /ring?a3en will show Ring UI with all the settings in English
    These are useful to bookmark a particular UI page with desired level of details/settings.

    Added support for custom labels and info for the [Load 1 .. 3] in UI.
    When saving a button preset, the UI will prompt for a label and info providing the old ones.
    To have the simple [Load 1] .. [Load 3] and info as before, delete the suggested label and info when prompted.

    Changed the AF values and units from msec to sec.
    t048="IMG"; is default, so the number of (bracketed) images has now "IMG" as unit.

    Better order of the lang.txt codes.
    added t048=""; as optional unit for number of (bracketed) images,
    especially if a particular language requires unit for a number.

    Corrected the Custom BEEP input message.

    UI translation: The reference "english.txt" file has now the text codes grouped for more visible relation "button label" and "additional info".

    Corrected the English variant of UI.

    Added t201="Sunday"; .. t207="Saturday";
    and t047="x"; fields available for translation.

    UI:Limited the horizontal length of the info box to max 450 px.

    Added t046="info"; t099="Show or hide the info about controls in UI.";
    fields in lang.txt.

    Added t000=" "; field in lang.txt to hold info about the translator of UI in other language.

    /delang command will also restore english.txt in case was changed.

    Addressed an issue regarding progressive "E:" value, when entered as a*b

    Introducing support for translated UI.
    Warning: wrong lang.txt uploaded can render UI non-functional, use /delang command if that happens.
    Please proceed with care or use the files available for download in forum.
    To have UI in different language, download these files: english.txt and lang.txt
    Edit in a simple text editor, change only in the lang.txt the text between " "
    If needed, copy the new 't123="some new added English text";' from english.txt to lang.txt
    but without the leading 'e123=' part.
    Then save it and upload back in MECHA with the same name lang.txt
    Once the translated lang.txt is uploaded, the UI will show the modified text.
    The English variant is still available if you append ?en to UI page, like /ring?en
    If is need to wipe any translation from MECHA memory, use /delang command.

    There will be a repository with many languages ready-made files in the future, for simple download and upload.

    For French, you can simple use the attached file ,
    1) extract it with "Mecha" password
    2) upload the lang.txt with admin/Mecha credentials or other password you might had set.

    Addressed an issue regarding the change of the pooling interval from @0.5s.
    Made [S2] level of details in UI as default, for a simpler first look of the UI.
    Added [More or less..] button, bottom-right, for more or less settings, depending on [S1]..[A3] level in use.

    Improved the info text and the Live NPP instructions. Here is the guide for using Live NPP feature.

    Addressed an issue regarding "A" delay being ignored when E:0

    The delays have now 4 selection lists for W: Wake, B: Before, E: Exposure and A: After
    Addressed some issues regarding save of the default settings in "Ring" page
    Addressed an issue which causes asking for custom values when open the "Turn" page.

    Addressed an issue regarding Go To button in Ring page.

    U.I. the [Info] button will show/hide some labels under the buttons in U.I., while the page title will launch this "What's new" page.
    On mouse equipped devices the info will hover over the buttons

    Addressed an issue regarding Auto Power OFF delay when running presets from buttons.

    Addressed an issue regarding "A" delay with negative value.

    If "After" delay, in W,B,E,A is a negative value, that delay will be after each exposure/shutter trigger in set.

    Added shutter confirmation feedback on LEDs, the first and last LED will be ON ("0" in symbol table above)
    if the shutter confirmation was received from camera.
    Is need for the PC-sync cable to be connected from AUX port to sync port or adapter of camera.
    To test, please set the shutter time on camera to at least 1/10 or longer then press the shutter button of camera.
    If LEDs don't light up please check if there is a camera setting to set sync signal and change it to be long or to cover the entire exposure.

    Tip: To test only the cable, connect it to AUX port, then short the sync connector with a metallic screwdriver or a paper clip.

    Added shutter confirmation delay. If the exposure pause is at least 0.25 s, the pause will be extended if there is shutter open signal comming from camera.
    An additional cable from camera connected to AUX port of Mecha is required.

    Removed the automatic update at start except when the unit is reset with [3] 3s at -=-=-=-=
    and hot-spot or Wi-Fi with name "M-XXXXXX" and password "12345678" exists.
    To update the firmware manually please use:
    [Update] button in top-right of this page or enter 32123< using Mecha's buttons.
    An update will be performed if possible and Mecha will restart.
    If Mecha isn't connected to Wi-Fi or there is no update available or the update server cannot be accessed nothing will happen, but at the very next start, Mecha will try once more to update.

    Removed the "Loud+" level introduced in B_E_01367.

    Increased the level for quiet beeps in U.I. from 1 to 3
    The old level can be used by entering custom value "1" at BEEP if needed.

    Added code 231< to turn OFF everything for faster battery charge.
    First please plug the charger cable, then enter this code.
    Press [p] to show/hide battery level on LEDs when charging.
    If is no power on charging cable, the code will be ignored.
    If code is executed, the LEDs will show charging then the cable needs to be unplugged and
    Mecha needs to be power-up again to be used normally.
    Pressing other buttons than [p] will have no effect.

    Added LED display of motor steps in progress, in 1..5 fashion, during the backlash compensation calibration procedure.

    Added following codes:
    12321< for backlash compensation calibration.
    After the code is entered, Mecha will turn slowly to right, then power LED will start flashing.
    After that, is need to press [p] (power button) when you see/feel the Mecha starts moving very slightly to left
    You can use the viewfinder, LIVE view with zoom, other devices attached like a laser pointer, so on..
    or simply feel by hand when that small movement begins.

    A tip from an old photographer ;)
    If you have R1 with camera in portrait with grip up and no Live view and need to look through viewfinder to see when the small movement begin,
    you can look with left eye, and so is no need to close the right eye.
    if the camera is with grip down you can look with the right eye, no need to close the left one.
    This will make the process more bearable.

    At the end, the LEDs will show, say, ":24" where 24 is the new calibration factor, is around this value.
    You can repeat the code if you want to do it better or have more precise ways to determine the small movement.
    You can cancel the procedure with any other button when [p] flashing, or press power button right after it starts flasing to have no compensation at all or it will time-out in 5 minutes if no buttons are pressed.
    In the (far) future might be a simple add on to be attached to AUX port to do this completely automatic.

    123123< for speed calibration
    The procedure takes 1 hour and is silent, the motor isn't moving.
    Please wait until Mecha turns OFF automatically, and don't use it from web interface.
    This is need to be done only once and can be ignored, as default factory calibration is good.
    This cannot be canceled once started.

    Both codes can be used only if you think are necessary for your application.
    The procedures will be available from web interface as well, at some point in time.
    Both procedures save the results automatically.

    Speed calibration is for, say, 6 RPM set in interface to be close to the computed 6 RPM,
    It can be ignored, as from factory the speed calibration is good enough, deviations are small.


    Backlash compensation is to compensate the backlash of the gear assembly, to have better precision for left - right moves,
    like rewind to initial position, for cable protection or in case of partial panoramas and time-lapse.
    Is good if it can be done, maybe after long period of time, after gear wears, to be re-done,

    I believe, first batch were sent without compensation, as this procedure was WIP,
    You can know if there is compensation set if at start if you can hear or see some small movement left-right.

    If is no movement at start then compensation is 0, or not set.

    Addressed an issue regarding battery percent in U.I. not being updated during repeat delays.

    If started by charger, Mecha will consume less power until the first move
    This will charge the battery faster if was plugged in only for charging.

    U.I. Replaced the symbol for motor disabled by code 23<

    Added code 23< to disable or enable the motor.
    [Reboot] command from U.I. will be ignored if the motor is disabled.
    When motor is disabled, the power LED will blink rarely
    and in UI "(o)" will be shown in top, for now..
    This is useful to prevent Mecha turning by accident while charging,
    kids protection, or to simulate the use for learning purpose, saves energy and the battery can be charged faster.
    There are other applications, not listed here, to save space.

    U.I. Added a simple [info] button top-left, ATM only as link to /new page, in future it will link to a better suited help.
    Moved the [E1] rotator selector next to pooling interval selector.

    Extended the time LEDs shows "downloading" - an animated sequence down - when FW updates.
    Please don't power down Mecha from power button while LEDs shows "downloading".
    FW updates will appear to take a bit longer.

    Addressed the logo didn't hide on repeat and on other situations.

    Addressed battery percentage fluctuations.

    U.I. Swapped A1 and A2 states.
    Added code 13 to show the battery percentage as digits on LEDs
    All codes are:
    13< Battery percentage.
    121< Mecha ID.
    123< MAC address.
    323< full IP address.
    321< last part of the IP address.

    Adjustment in calculation of the battery percentage shown in U.I.

    U.I. Moved battery level on top-right to be visible always.
    Changed U.I. states to selection list for easy access, labelled as:
    S1..3 for the simple settings.
    A1..3 for the advanced settings.

    U.I. Added a simple battery level percentage.
    It shows from 100%, when is fully charged, to 0%, when it will shut-down.
    The numeric values will be better calibrate later.
    Extended button (4) top-left up to 8 states, some of which will hide the slider.
    Changed "What's New" page from ip/_new to ip/new , both will work, however.

    Addressed some issues regarding the text guidance for custom values.

    If "Before" delay is a negative value, up to 2 seconds from it will be used for MLU for each photo.

    U.I: When select a custom value for enter, some guidance about what kind of value and format is expected will be shown.

    The "Wake" delay will be ignored if less than 1 minute passed from last Shutter/AF command.
    Wake delay can be forced if is a negative value. This is useful is need for a delay before the pano starts
    e.g. is need for some time to hide or go out from the room/selfies/etc.
    so -30,1,2,3 will mean 30 seconds delay before pano starts regardless of when the last command was sent.
    See more in the B_E_01340 description.

    The diagonal gestures uses the current speed setting.
    The gestures are now these:
    1) to left = move one position to left, with current speed settings.
    2) to right = move one position to right -\\-
    3) to up = SHOOT with current shooting settings.
    5) L down left, and keep tap = slowly move to left continuously.
    6) L down left large base, and keep tap = move to left continuously with increased speed.
    7) L down right -\\-
    8) L down right large base -\\-
    9) to diagonal down left, and keep tap = move to left continuously with current speed.
    10) to diagonal down right, and keep tap = move to right continuously with current speed.
    The direction and speed can be changed smoothly without lifting the finger.

    The gestures are meant to be used without looking at phone, please exercise first and use only after you mastered them.
    You can switch to/from gesture mode by tapping on the little hand, top-right.

    Fixed the slider doesn't represent values over 360° and under -360° properly.
    Addressed the Shutter opto. not closing enough time for bracketing in some situations
    Restricted decimal digits to .12 for the computed degree interval.

    Added [Repeat] option for time lapse panoramas and photos, the value after a panorama is repeated is in seconds ATM.
    The multiplication factor sets how many times the sequence is repeated
    Estimation time do not include the repeated panoramas ATM.

    Extended delay/pause to custom option made from 4 values W,B,E,A
    W - Wake - is the pause before the whole sequence starts Mecha also sends a wake-up signal to camera at start of that pause
    B - Before - is the pause before each bracketing sequence or set of photos
    E - Exposure - is the period in which Shutter opto is closed
    A - After - is the delay after each bracketing sequence
    e.g. 3,1,0.5,2 mean:
    3 = a wake up signal and a delay of 3 seconds after a preset is start and before any photo is taken,
    1 = 1 second delay before each set of photos.
    0.5 = 0.5 seconds exposure delay and
    2 = 2 seconds pause after the set.
    "E" accepts multiplication factor like e.g. 2*0.5 which means, after each photo, the "E" delay is doubled.
    so if the above is written as 3,1,2*0.5,2 the difference will be the exposure delay doubled from 0.5, to 1 then 2 in case of a set of 3 photos.
    ,,3, or ,,3 is equivalent with 0,0,3,0 for W,B,E,A

    Addressed an issue causing [Stop], [Cancel] or [P] button not ending the current set of exposures in progress.
    Increased the limit of photos in a set from 255 to 32K.
    Useful for time-lapse or intervalometter photos.

    Improved estimation for end time for a sequence or pano.
    The estimation will appear under the clock, after 1-2 movements.
    Useful for larger number of shots.

    Pressing [Power] button after a sequence or preset is started, will stop the sequence, the same as [Stop] from the UI does.

    Addressed some issues regarding AP and STA mode.
    The same rules remains at -=-=-=-=
    1) press [1] for 3 seconds -> AP mode with address for interface.
    2) press [2] for 3 seconds -> STA mode and will try 1 minute to connect to last Wi-Fi, if doesn't succeeds, it reverts to AP mode.
    3) press [3] for 3 seconds -> Wi-Fi reset then will try to connect to M-123ABC if is available and perform an update if is available, or AP mode if M-123ABC isn't available (123ABC is MECHA's ID)
    4) no button pressed -> will try enter in last mode or AP.
    5) press [>] short -> the same as (4) but without waiting for -=-=-=-= to finish, for quick use of MECHA
    6) press [<] for 3 seconds -> Wi-Fi turns OFF. Will be ON when MECHA is powered again.

    Addressed some issue regarding re-directing to /_new page.

    Increased wake-up camera pulse to 500 ms.

    UI: If an update is performed, the interface will open /_new page.
    This will prevent old interface to run on new FW. e.g. in case of UI changes.

    UI: Added custom value as option for BEEP.
    The value should be in range from 0 to 255.
    As reference, Loud Beeps = 128, Quiet Beeps = 1, No Beeps = 0.

    UI: increased custom values limit to 10 characters.
    Fixed [>] button behavior in case of non-existent multi-digit preset.
    Added MECHA ID and MAC display on LEDs codes
    If code 121< is entered using MECHA's buttons [1][2][1][<]
    MECHA ID is displayed like '123ABC'
    If code 123< is entered using MECHA's buttons [1][2][3][<]
    the entire MAC address is shown on LEDs like '123ABC123ABC'
    The conventions for symbols on LEDs are as same as for IP address, listed below.

    UI: Custom *AF values can be entered, the rule is:
    positive values mean AF and negative values mean *AF, both are in ms.
    *AF means the auto focus of first image is used and kept during the capture of image sequence. Think of AF lock.

    UI: Corrected '*AF 500 ms' and '*AF 1 s'
    to differ from regular 'AF 500 ms' and 'AF 1 s'.

    Addressed the rewind issue for sequences from web interface.
    Changed the direction of arrow buttons to match camera view.

    Addressed the logo not becoming hidden when adjusting the slider.

    Addressed an issue regarding special symbols in password.

    Added display of the IP address on LEDs.
    Increased the time one digit is shown on LED for IP, to 3 sec.
    To avoid confusion, the IP address is shown only once then it automatically exits from IP address display.
    If code 323< is entered using MECHA's buttons [3][2][3][<]
    the entire IP address is shown on LED like ''
    If code 321< is entered using MECHA's buttons [3][2][1][<]
    only the last number of IP address is shown on LED starting with dot, like '.100'
    If 'AAA' is shown, MECHA is in AP mode and the IP address is
    If '!!!' is shown, Wi-Fi is OFF.
    If either '.0' or '' is shown, MECHA isn't in AP mode nor have an IP assigned.
    In which case, a re-start, then [1] pressed 3 second at -=-=-=
    will enable AP mode and will allow to access the web interface through
    The conventions for symbols on LEDs are as follows:

    Press [>] or Power button to end the display of IP address quickly.

    This is first update after January release of MECHA.
    The interface is under active improvement and User Guide is under development. Thanks for your patience.
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                Thank you for the B_E_01336 update. FYI, I think there is a typo in the IP address of the mecha in AP mode?


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                  Fixed here, thank you for reporting, will be a fix in next FW's info as well
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                          B_E_01340 is published.

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                            B_E_01340 is published.
                            Hey Dorin - can you announce what changes in each update. If minor, some might opt out - thx


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                              Hello Bill,

                              Is always announced on top of the thread here.
                              Please see the first post.

                              with respect,
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