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FW C1E_01458 - Enhanced support for bracketing update

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  • DorinDXN
    Is up now, I hurried up with this as there are less than 30 minutes to 2020 in, say, NZ ,
    hopefully the fireworks didn't started yet, and a NZ user can update the FW,

    while updating.. "Look! Some little X-Mas lights under that camera too ! " :)


    Added in /config page
    [x] Switch the Left - Right rotation when done by MECHA buttons.
    If the option is not ticked (default) the rotation sense matches the rotation from UI, as before.
    This affects only the adjustments of the orientation using [<] and [>] buttons of MECHA.
    It has no effect on codes, power codes nor on button presets.

    Added support for "Bulb" mode on for cameras with this feature:
    If modifier starts with "B",
    like B2EV or B-2EV or B1 or
    or B1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32
    or My AEB;B1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32
    MECHA will assume "bulb" mode and the time shutter is closed is the one computed, or entered.
    If there is not "B" MECHA will assume "regular trigger" mode and the minimum time shutter is closed
    is 0.25 sec. just like the way one will press on camera's button.

    ------------------------- --------------8<----------------------------------------------

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  • DorinDXN
    Will be some enhancements for Bulb mode, in FW will be published today,
    is working already, but I'll add some other features as well before publishing it.

    From measurements, it works OK down to 1/1000 sec. or even 1/2000 sec.
    As Nick mentioned, how effective this will be it will depend on "Bulb" implementation in the actual camera used.
    However, that can be tested, once the new FW will be published.

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  • nick fan
    Hi Raf,

    We have some advanced users like msimons who would like to use mirror lockup to get sharpest images, and take the bracketed shots one by one to avoid ghosting due to moving people or objects.

    Bulb mode does not work well for short exposure. Someone says it works for 1/100s, someone says it works for 1/5s only.

    Dorin supported the exponential delays in the "after" delay, this allows the exposure time to be implemented as accurate as possible for bulb mode (for the exposure range supported by camera).

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  • DorinDXN
    Yes, however, there is a "temporary fix" in place and a perfect solution is coming,
    until the perfect solution, the shortest times might no be short enough for bulb mode, the longer ones will be fine.

    I can adjust the shortest timing in temporary fix if needed,
    'll add that as a parameter in /config in the next FW update,
    which will be in 1 day or so, top, then should work better for short times as well.

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  • RaffaGa
    Ok, let me say that in case i would need a set of 11 images at 2EV spacing i have to set my camera in Bulb mode and then setting M to -2Ev or 2EV + E to MTR value.
    Is it correct?

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  • DorinDXN
    Hi Raf,

    If camera shoot an entire set of AEB shots if you press the shutter button once, then you don't really need this function, having IMG on 1 and some A: delay will be enough,
    This is useful if you need (or have camera set in such way) to press several times on shutter button to have that set of image taken.
    MECHA press the button just like the user using the shutter cable.

    If is need for MECHA to wait between the shoots , i.e. to not press to early while camera is still taken photo, then the
    IMGs need to be as the same as in camera and M: set accordingly.

    Is more like a synch with camera rather than extension.

    I'm not familiar with A7RII
    that said, MECHA can trigger the camera as many times you want,
    the M: can modiffy the "E:" delay thus resulting in various time the shutter is pressed,
    that could be useful for longer exposures mostly, and depending on camera settings if it allows bulb mode

    It will be useful to test the newly added
    (few minutes ago published C1E_01473)
    especially the presets exchange between other more experienced user kind enough
    to send some MECHA presets working on his MECHA+cA7RII to try on your combo MECHA+A7RII


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  • RaffaGa
    Hi Guys, after months of stop i finally updated to the latest fw and achieved this new interesting function.
    The point i don't get is the need of it if camera already provides AEB function. This must be considered an extension to camera AEB funcionalities?
    I.e. if my camera doesn't support 2EV 9 shots, now i could with mecha M addon?
    AEB must be disabled in camera?

    Thanks and sorry for questions.

    I'm available for testing with sony A7RII camera.


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  • DorinDXN
    To test the newly added bracketing support like say, M:2EV
    Is only need to set the desired values in camera, then corresponding ones in MECHA,
    then click/tap on [Shoot] in UI
    MECHA will trigger camera to shoot one set of IMGs (provided the cable is connected from MECHA's to camera remote port)
    if MECHA ends and beeps before the camera ends, then something needs further adjustment.
    If camera ends then MECHA ends and beeps, then is OK, test passed :)

    Please update MECHA to the last FW to have a common reference for reporting the findings.


    Addressed an issue regarding negative "A:" affecting the last image from a set.

    Enhanced the power of "M:"
    If "E:" is 0 the "M:" modifier apply to any negative "A:" delay,
    as result, a delay matching with camera shutter time can be set after each image, when bracketing is used in camera.
    The "E:" delay will be just enough to trigger the camera.


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  • DorinDXN
    Is there anyone using a non Canon camera (I can test on Canon)
    willing to test the newly added features regarding the "M:" modifier in EV format
    on a dual MECHA combo with camera plugged in vertical MECHA Cam port?

    No hurry, enjoy your holidays :)
    just will be good to know that.

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  • DorinDXN
    Originally posted by DorinDXN View Post
    That short label will be added in the next FW and will be published today.
    Is published now, is possible to have a label at the beginning of the modifier now, like
    My magic modifier;1,0.5,2.

    label separated by ";"

    Also clicking on a setting then on custom will prompt you for the custom value while suggesting the one you clicked before,
    that makes easier to set new values as changes from the old ones.

    And importantly a bug regarding EV format is fixed now, was introduced 1 or 2 FW before, sorry for that..

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  • DorinDXN
    The user may only need 1 single modifier or 2 as large as the largest number of images he/she uses.
    e.g. if will never shot 11 IMG in bracketing a 9 IMG tailored modifier could be enough,
    is expected that similar cameras (or from same manufacturer) to be served as good by the same modifier, the upcoming exchange of the presets between users will make more easier.
    As I said, this discrete modifier, i.e. values separated by comas (as opposite of EV form) could be better than EV in some situation or faster.
    e.g. the delays like -A combined with EV could be set to work in any situation, but for, say, giga pixel panorama or other applications where added delay could sum up in a too much total delay, a perfect tailored modifier can produce better result and the modifier ends up in being tailored for the camera kind or manufacturer.
    A said 1 or 2, as in practice having a modifier generic for fast shutter and other generic for long exposures. This will come naturally after the feature will be used more and more.

    That said, the issue will be solved for good by another feature which will be added, not right now, that will cover all possible situations and as bonus, will be even easier to use :)

    That short label will be added in the next FW and will be published today.

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  • nick fan
    Hi Dorin,

    Good job on the Modifier enhancement and the preset labels.
    Now people may have a few presets with 11 images. It is not easy to read which is which.
    and to have most efficient single advance bracketing, one may need custom modifier presets for different range of shutter time.
    Not sure it is need. But due to exponential nature of shutter time in bracketing, if the metered shutter time is long, any excess of delay will be much longer when a larger modifier is used.
    It will be great if there is some sort of short label for preset, listing ev steps and shutter time.


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  • DorinDXN
    Starting with C1E_01463, a carefully tailored M: list if designed for a large number of IMG
    can be used without change for a number of less IMG,
    e.g. if the modifier is for 11 IMG, it can be used for 1..11 IMG, without need of change.


    Merry X-Mas !

    Some changes in UI regarding [Load 1] .. [Load 3] buttons.
    The label of the presets will go in preset list instead of [Load 1] .. [Load 3]
    as, Button 1 : label_for_button_1_preset .. Button 3: label_for_button_1_preset
    Click/tap on [Load 1] .. [Load 3] will select and load their corresponding button preset in preset list,
    to be more clear what preset is assigned to them.

    The modifier list "M:" designed for a large number of IMG can be used without change for a number of less IMG, e.g. if the modifier is for 11 IMG, it can be used for 1..11 IMG, without need of change.
    MECHA will automatically reduce the list like in this example
    0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal in middle)
    9 IMG: 0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8,16
    7: 0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8
    5: 0.25,0.50,1,2,4
    4: 0.50,1,2,4
    3: 0.50,1,2
    2: 1,2
    1: 1
    1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal at beginning)
    9: 1,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16
    7: 1,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8
    5: 1,0.25,0.50,2,4
    4: 1,0.50,2,4
    3: 1,0.50,2
    2: 1,2
    1: 1


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  • DorinDXN
    Starting with C1E_01460 the modifier can be entered as
    -0.7EV (for under, normal, over)
    0.7EV (for normal, under, over)
    and is automatically adapted to the number of IMGs


    Addressed a situation when, at certain load of presets in UI, UI asks "enter a numeric value.."

    The Modifier "M:" accepts now compact forms like:
    -0.7EV or -0.7ev which will result in:
    under > normal > over - extended internally to the number of IMGs
    and 0.7EV or 0.7ev which will result in:
    normal > under > over - extended internally to the number of IMGs
    also a 3 values modifier like 0.5,1,2 will extend internally to the number of IMG in this manner:
    0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,1,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal in middle)
    and 1,0.5,2 will extend internally to the number of IMG in this manner:
    1,0.03,0.06,0.13,0.25,0.50,2,4,8,16,32 in case of 11 IMG (with normal at beginning)


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  • nick fan
    Before Dorin manages to use the EV step designation in the modifier. Here is a list for copy and paste. Save it a as preset for future use. I ignore the less meaningful patterns.
    Bracketing order: MTR > under > over
    Pattern Modifier
    3S 0.7 EV M:1,0.63,1.6
    3S 1 EV M:1,0.5,2
    3S 1.3 EV M:1,0.4,2.52
    3S 1.7 EV M:1,0.32,3.19
    3S 2 EV M:1,0.25,4
    5S 0.7 EV M:1,0.4,0.63,1.6,2.52
    5S 1 EV M:1,0.25,0.5,2,4
    5S 1.3 EV M:1,0.16,0.4,2.52,6.37
    5S 1.7 EV M:1,0.1,0.32,3.19,10.06
    5S 2 EV M:1,0.07,0.25,4,16
    7S 0.7 EV M:1,0.25,0.4,0.63,1.6,2.52,4
    7S 1 EV M:1,0.13,0.25,0.5,2,4,8
    7S 1.3 EV M:1,0.07,0.16,0.4,2.52,6.37,16
    7S 1.7 EV M:1,0.04,0.1,0.32,3.19,10.06,32
    7S 2 EV M:1,0.02,0.07,0.25,4,16,64
    9S 0.7 EV M:1,0.16,0.25,0.4,0.63,1.6,2.52,4,6.37
    9S 1 EV M:1,0.07,0.13,0.25,0.5,2,4,8,16
    9S 1.3 EV M:1,0.03,0.07,0.16,0.4,2.52,6.37,16,40.23
    9S 1.7 EV M:1,0.01,0.04,0.1,0.32,3.19,10.06,32,101.83
    9S 2 EV M:1,0.01,0.02,0.07,0.25,4,16,64,256
    value rounded up to 2 decimals
    Bracketing order: under > MTR > over
    Pattern Modifier
    3S 0.7 EV M:0.63,1,1.6
    3S 1 EV M:0.5,1,2
    3S 1.3 EV M:0.4,1,2.52
    3S 1.7 EV M:0.32,1,3.19
    3S 2 EV M:0.25,1,4
    5S 0.7 EV M:0.4,0.63,1,1.6,2.52
    5S 1 EV M:0.25,0.5,1,2,4
    5S 1.3 EV M:0.16,0.4,1,2.52,6.37
    5S 1.7 EV M:0.1,0.32,1,3.19,10.06
    5S 2 EV M:0.07,0.25,1,4,16
    7S 0.7 EV M:0.25,0.4,0.63,1,1.6,2.52,4
    7S 1 EV M:0.13,0.25,0.5,1,2,4,8
    7S 1.3 EV M:0.07,0.16,0.4,1,2.52,6.37,16
    7S 1.7 EV M:0.04,0.1,0.32,1,3.19,10.06,32
    7S 2 EV M:0.02,0.07,0.25,1,4,16,64
    9S 0.7 EV M:0.16,0.25,0.4,0.63,1,1.6,2.52,4,6.37
    9S 1 EV M:0.07,0.13,0.25,0.5,1,2,4,8,16
    9S 1.3 EV M:0.03,0.07,0.16,0.4,1,2.52,6.37,16,40.23
    9S 1.7 EV M:0.01,0.04,0.1,0.32,1,3.19,10.06,32,101.83
    9S 2 EV M:0.01,0.02,0.07,0.25,1,4,16,64,256
    Here is a spreadsheet for 3 shots to 9 shots from 0.3 EV to 3EV.
    Last edited by nick fan; December 21, 2019, 08:41 AM.

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