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Zero Learning MECHA (aka zLM)

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  • Zero Learning MECHA (aka zLM)


    Starting with C1E_01482 there is Zero Learning MECHA (aka zLM) mode for use of MECHA.

    How it works.

    One advanced user AU , ATM, me, has his MECHA connected with other MECHAs, regarding one single preset.
    that preset has power code "0"
    Which means if one press power then [>] the preset will be launched to right,
    or if one press power then [<] the preset will be launched to left.

    For use this mode is need to tell to the advanced user in any way of communication
    like: phone, chat, FB, tweet, sms, forum post, so on..
    what you want, in terms you are familiar with, i.e. to be more easy.
    then you need to test that preset at least once, when doing that you need to have MECHA connected to Internet.
    After that test is done you can disconnect MECHA from the internet, or shutdown the hot-spot, so on..

    As long as you are OK with button presets, 1, or 2, 3 and this 0 button preset you don't need to re-connect MECHA
    If you want something to be changed, after letting AU know, you need to test the new preset, thus is need to connect MECHA to internet.

    Will be lots to say here, and chat, not to learn :)
    that is for now..

    Obviously, in time, there will be more AU, maybe someone reading this will join.

    Until then, we need to practice only connection of MECHA to Internet.
    There are lots of ways to do that, don't be scary that are so many,
    the reasons for there are so many, is just to pick the easiest and more comfortable way in your case.
    BTW, there is one like simply starting an hot-spot and shut down on your phone after done.

    My guess about who will use this mode, a quick, non exhaustive list:
    1) everyone until get familiar with UI, if to get familiar, is what you want, that can make easier.
    2) in (work)shops as demo , at presentations, try before buy/ rental, so on..
    3) MECHA used in production, like street view, real estate, when little changes are need to made between setting.
    4) difficult environments, when the AU is an assistant, and the experienced journalist VR has no time for setting. the AU is kept as voice interface with a Bluetooth headset,
    like telling 'set for the next.. like this... ' the power button has a LED, easy to press even in dark conditions.

    the list to be continued..

    Oh.. almost forgot..

    Is anyone willing to test this :) ?


    Introducing Zero Learning MECHA (aka zLM) mode for use of MECHA.
    This allows the use of MECHA without need of use of interface (UI), just pressing one button and another for direction (the sense of rotation)
    The only requirement is for MECHA to be connected to internet when you test if that is what you want.
    Is no need to be connected to Wi-Fi nor Internet when you actually use it, only first time after a change in what you want is made, i.e. only when testing.

    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..

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    I posted this elsewhere


    .. even for connection to Internet MECHA can use a predefined hot-spot on your phone, even in this respect is not need to learn about MECHA except to create the hot-spot, in phone, not in MECHA
    That's why I dare to call it zLM,
    well.. almost zero :)

    One will need to learn though that
    [power] then [>] will mean panorama to right
    [power] then [<] will mean panorama to left

    pressing these on your H MECHA will produce nothing until I set that "0" config for that particular MECHA
    after that will do what we "agree" :) untill we change it, even if in the meantime you don;t have Internet,
    zLM require no Internet to work, only to change that 0 button setting is Internet needed
    [power] is like [0] sometimes I'll refer as [0]
    aslo the power codes in MECHA, the user can set by himself have '0' at the start of the name,
    no need to learn, just say it, that say
    which means
    will launch the preset, say
    0123 My preset
    from the preset list, to right (clockwise)

    Also zLM doesn't affect any other settings, is just extra for the [0] power code, is safe to use it or ignore,
    I'll add some "forget" feature in future FW , however..
    as odd as will look to add some "forget" feature to "zero learning" :)


    New enhancements.


    Enhancements in zLM (zero Learning MECHA)
    Added [x] Use "zLM" if available .. in /config (enabled by default)
    The zLM preset received via zLM is visible in presets list as -zLM-
    That could be starting point for other presets, it can be loaded and used and/or changed and saved with other name.
    Deleting the -zLM- from presets list will forget that preset until is received again (if use zLM is ticked)
    The server send no zLM preset unless explicitly asked via other ways, forum, chat, so on..
    More details about the ways for requests later.
    Without such request made, the zLM is not enabled by server so zLM is safe to be let ON or OFF in /config

    Introducing zLM SSID seeking code
    This can be used for both zLM or for connection to Wi-Fi using MECHA buttons.
    If a power code made of 8 digits is entered, like
    MECHA will search for "zLM" SSID (case sensitive) and, if found, will connect to it, using 01231231 as password
    that password can be changed, say, 03213213
    it is need to match with the password set in SSID set-up
    This can be used in order to enable an hot-spot on a phone/tablet/pc with Internet and connect MECHA to it.
    The same restrictions apply as for other power codes - the codes should have different number one from the next one, and only one "0" at beginning.


    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..