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Request of MECHA Presets

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  • PedroP
    Thank you so much Dorian, works great!!

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  • DorinDXN
    Congrats for MECHA DAC,

    You can have the preset in different ways, the most simple will be to use MSS, with this script


    which means
    SL, Start Level, you can change it with SP, or SR, MECHA needs to be in this posittion when starting a script
    Click image for larger version  Name:	MECHA DAC poses_small2.JPG Views:	0 Size:	51.8 KB ID:	32978
    0x6, horizontal do 6 shots
    Z, one Zenith
    Nx2, two Nadirs (at 180° apart)

    See the video

    Click image for larger version

Name:	FE-0x6-Z-Nx2.jpg
Views:	10
Size:	220.9 KB
ID:	32990

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Sony_12mm.png Views:	0 Size:	104.2 KB ID:	32977

    I marked with red arrow the important settings on image.

    You can save the preset for button [1] of MECHA so you can launch it without using UI

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  • PedroP
    Hey Guys, just got my DAC and I’m pretty exited. I have a Sony a7iii with a f2.8/12mm. With my N3 I do 6 shot horizontal, 1 zenith straight up, and 2 nadir ( 1 straight down and the other rotate 180°). What would be the preset?


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  • DorinDXN
    Starting with C1E_02130 Row page accepts focal length (FF equiv) at [Shots] via custom e.g.
    50 mm

    if you need to see the Overlapping Map for a particular focal length please ask here


    200 mm

    24 mm


    In Row page in UI, [Shots] at custom accepts notation from 10 mm to 200 mm.
    If a value from 10 to 200 is entered followed by "mm", the Script text box will be automatically replaced with a script,
    in MSS format (MECHA Simple Scripting) , for a full panorama made with a rectilinear lens with that focal length (FF equiv).
    This will be enhanced further in the upcoming FW updates.

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  • DorinDXN
    The script will be in this case



    SL,0x71,7.6x71,15.2x69,22.8x67,30.4x64,38x59,45.6 x54,53.2x47,60.8x40,68.4x32,76x23,83.6x14,-7.6x71,-15.2x69,-22.8x67,-30.4x64,-38x59,-45.6x54,-53.2x47,-60.8x40,-68.4x32,-76x23,-83.6x14,N,Z

    The Overlapping Map can be seen here

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  • BrandonS.
    Thank you very much!

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  • nick fan
    Total Number of Shots 1157
    H Shooting Interval Shots in Row
    +/- 0.0 ° +/- 5.1 ° 71
    +/- 7.6 ° +/- 5.1 ° 71
    +/- 15.2 ° +/- 5.2 ° 69
    +/- 22.8 ° +/- 5.3 ° 68
    +/- 30.4 ° +/- 5.6 ° 64
    +/- 38.0 ° +/- 6.1 ° 59
    +/- 45.6 ° +/- 6.6 ° 55
    +/- 53.2 ° +/- 7.6 ° 47
    +/- 60.8 ° +/- 9.0 ° 40
    +/- 68.4 ° +/- 11.2 ° 32
    +/- 76.0 ° +/- 15.6 ° 23
    +/- 83.6 ° +/- 25.7 ° 14
    +/- 90.0 ° - 1

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  • BrandonS.
    I am trying to use a 200mm lens on a 5d mark iv and I need to know the settings for that for a 360x180 image. I would love to see a chart with the mm of lens and the #shots in each row.

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  • luca vascon
    OOookkkk! Now I'll study it asap!!!!
    Dorin, you are my hero!

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  • DorinDXN

    It may contain what you need to experiment the desired shooting pattern.
    Please test it without camera first, especially if camera or lens can hit something during the movements.

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  • DorinDXN
    Hi Luca,

    I managed to add the possibility to specify the degrees apart between the positions in a row in FW C1E_02115,
    that opens the way to have your request scripted in the simple form,
    which is more easy to understand and more close to photographer's thinking.

    When you have time, let's settle this if indeed you want
    two Zeniths then the horizontal row then again two Zeniths,
    or you want Nadirs at the end.

    Once settled it, I'll provide the easy way of scripting.

    best regards,


    I the simple form of scripting, added the possibility to specify the degrees apart from positions in a row
    e.g. SL,0x6,90x1,-90x2
    will take at the end two nadirs at 180 apart (computed from 360/2)
    will take at the end two nadirs at 90 apart (as indicated by ^90)
    so in a row, after the number of position, e.g. x6, if is nothing after, the positions will be spread by 360/6 degrees one from the next
    if ^45 is added, like x6^45, those 6 positions will be taken at every 45 degrees apart.
    This is useful, say, for multiple Zeniths at desired interval one from another.


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  • DorinDXN
    This is the script for 1st one,
    I didn't used the simple way of scripting because I'm not sure if is what you asked for


    Click image for larger version  Name:	Luca_01.png Views:	0 Size:	88.7 KB ID:	32661

    this does

    from parked position: wait 10s, make 2 zeniths at 60 degrees, then go -10 degrees under horizon,
    shoot 6 at 60 degrees, then two nadirs at 60 degrees, go back parked

    you asked then two zeniths at 60 degrees, at the end.

    Please test it and if indeed needs 2 zeniths at the end and/or other changes. please let me know

    You need to select [Scripted] as in image, copy/paste the script there
    B:10 is to set 10 seconds delay before each position, two LEDs will flash when that delay is in progress, you can change it to less for test and set it back to 10 or more in production,
    you can use [Save 1] to assign this preset to button [1] of MECHA H or to other button , say [Save 2] for [2]

    to rotate from parked to level and back, for histogram and what not, you can use [>][2] and [<][2]
    of V MECHA

    Assumed you use a recent FW

    To launch the preset from UI, you can click on [RIGHT] top-right for pano clockwise or [LEFT] fo counter-clockwise.

    Using H MECHA buttons, you can launch it with [1] then [>] for clockwise (assuming you assigned the preset to [1])

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  • DorinDXN
    From other thread, by Luca


    Hi Dorin! My wishes are for:
    - 16mm fisheye, from parked position: wait 10s, make 2 zeniths at 60 degrees, then go -10degrees under horizon, shoot6 at 60 degrees, then two zeniths at 60 degrees, go back parked.
    - 28mm rectilinear with kind of higher density than normal and AF before each shot. Always stating from parked.
    In both cases I'd like to have the possibility to add a 15s wait before each shot. Even if I use lines to fix (don't know the name in English, boylines, buoylines, Italian is "cavi di controventatura") the pole wobbles, I need the cam to wait and stop.


    I'll post and explain the presets soon.

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  • DorinDXN
    The manual was updated since then, please use the link above and will be an major update based on my experience on email support offered for MECHA, will be important changes and simplifications and clarifications, ETA 1 week.
    In the mean time you can ignore the difficult part in the Manual, most likely there will the parts where the changes will be.

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  • Brendon G
    Thanks, Dorin.

    I have to say that I downloaded the Manual when it was first released as a WIP but completely forgot that there was a sample. That's now my light reading for tonight.

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