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Fanotec Grid (preset) Generator for PTGUI BETA 2017

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  • Fanotec Grid (preset) Generator for PTGUI BETA 2017

    This tool is for windows only. It can be used (manually) to find out the pattern for a particular focal lenghth.
    Ever want to shoot panorama with camera lens combo not published on the web? Ever want to verify the published shooting pattern? Ever want to further optimize the shooting pattern?
    As part of the robotic project, we are working on our panoramic calculator which can generate project files for stitching software and for preview the pano using dummy images. Here is the tool to generate project files for PTGUI using dummy images. It is easy to enter number of rows and columns and the yaw/pitch/roll angles of images. A much improved version of Align to Grid feature in PTGUI.
    Windows only for the moment.
    MD5 checksum for
    Here are dummy images of different aspect ratio and way of showing the overlap %.

    -Name Starting with %overlap has 0% at the edge. This will give you the % overlap.
    -Name Starting with 1-%overlap has 100% at the edge. This will give you the seam position in terms of % width or height of image.

    I also try to test the shooting pattern in the online database
    Taking Canon EF 20mm on 1.6x sensor as example. The %overlap in the pano is too small for me.
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