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    I shoot AEB +/-3 on Canon 6D - when shooting manually I set it to 2 second timer so only need one press on remote trigger to activate the 3-shot bracket sequence. I've managed to set up the MECHA UI to replicate - using [3 IMG] / [M:1] /[ E:1 sec] / [A:5 sec] - this seems to work when I press [SHOOT] the camera fires off a bracketed 3 set.

    What I don't seem to be able to get right is how to tell the MECHA to move on to the next position when the bracketed set is complete. How do I set the MECHA to delay rotating for XX seconds (which of course will depend on the time length of the bracketed set....At the moment, when I start a script, the MECHA rotates to the next position too quickly whilst the camera is still firing the 3rd (longest) exposure of the bracket - sometimes 15+ seconds....

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    Instead of [M:1] select custom and enter 3EV
    instead of E:1 enter the value according with camera exposure, say 1/20
    For A: you can have 1 or so

    For M you can enter discrete values


    Modifier of Exposure: Modifier of the Duration of shutter button signal, a list of multipliers,
    like 1,0.5,2 for normal, half and double exposure time in case of 3 IMG


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      when using continuous advance for AEB, treat the image as 1.
      use multple IMG only when you are using single image advance in camera.
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