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  • DorinDXN
    I'll respond here,

    is not complicated but want to run them it on an actual MECHA DAC which is at the Manual department now :)

    on my desk is a test board with motors exposed, want to be really sure that the camera moves as you want.

    basically MECHA has

    [B:] (before pause) and that is a delay before each position,
    then has
    [A:] (after pause) that can be after each set/position but can be forced after each shoot
    these can be used, it also has other delays available, not sure now if they will be needed, anyway will be a description and you may use or not if you wish.

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  • luca vascon
    Hi Dorin! My wishes are for:
    - 16mm fisheye, from parked position: wait 10s, make 2 zeniths at 60 degrees, then go -10degrees under horizon, shoot6 at 60 degrees, then two zeniths at 60 degrees, go back parked.
    - 28mm rectilinear with kind of higher density than normal and AF before each shot. Always stating from parked.
    In both cases I'd like to have the possibility to add a 15s wait before each shot. Even if I use lines to fix (don't know the name in English, boylines, buoylines, Italian is "cavi di controventatura") the pole wobbles, I need the cam to wait and stop.

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  • DorinDXN
    About un-pairing of MECHAs
    the procedure is described is at page 52
    if you find certain aspects difficult in that page, please let me know, so I can use better wording or explanation there.

    About the presets available on the server for download,
    I'll add an appendix in user guide in which any preset available to be described what does and a possible use case,
    that info will be available in UI as well after the preset is downloaded and ready to run.

    Will be a video for each preset available as well, just like are the video for DAC test presets,
    but this after the user manual update.

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  • DorinDXN
    In the mean time, if you want a particular preset I can provide it and tell where is need to change if you want to change something.

    Is really easy, there are mainly two way of scripting:
    one is complicated from the time when the scripts were introduced and the script were provided at request for particular patterns, some patterns were quite unusual.
    But, there is a simple way of scripting as well,
    I'm sure you'll find the last one easy to understand and change, according with your way of shooting,
    only if is a complicated pattern might require the old way.

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  • DorinDXN
    Nothing to be sorry about.
    ETA for that (manual) 1 week.

    I'm working on it. MECHA will be more easy to understand.

    bet regards,

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    Hi, I'm very sorry. I got lost and need a manual. A manual that an old man attention deficit disroder can follow, with simple paths. Is it possible to SEPARATE AGAIN the two mechas in order to regain control on x and y axis? All "coding" stuff seems an impossible mix of unreadeble carachters for me. All the codes I'm trying to download from the server are the same, I read the manual => I forget the terms => I end up with the mecha doing strange paths and no software possibility to go back to the original "parked" position. Please. Please. A graphic CLEAR interface is needed, visually programming the mecha without code, with graphic confirmation feedback.
    my only solution now is to go near the mecha, use the buttons to reset position of vertical arm with buttons then try again.
    My great and only value from the mecha is when I can't reach the head. If I can reach it I use a normal head.
    Please, I'm really really frustrated.