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    I got the IR remote when ordering the Mecha DAC to avoid shipping :), Is there a manual for it? or at least what are the functions of the extra keys, and how to save a preset to 1, 2 or 3 buttons.

    As for the S language, I ried to understand the need for it, why should I enter all the strange stuff, while a simple script would take care of every thing? in fact I typed some of the examples trying to understand the propose, and the DAC made a move or 2, then stared at me as f saying :b (sticking tounge)

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    The support for Nodal Ninja Remote was just introduced.

    The remote doubles the MECHA buttons and has some extra, the support for those extra buttons will be enhanced further.

    For saving a preset to button 1 of MECHA, you need to load or set the settings in that,
    test the preset to be sure is does what is need, regarding the movements,
    then click on [Save 1] in UI

    To launch a preset from IR Remote is need to proceed in the same way when using MECHA buttons
    press [1] then [>] for preset to be launched to right (clockwise) direction
    press [1] then [<] for preset to be launched to left (counter-clockwise) direction

    Until the graphic wizard is available the is possible to change a scripted preset by changing the script.
    Some scripting are complex and difficult to understand but the latest addition like


    are more easy and it says
    SL, start level,
    0x12, at 0 tilt do 12 positions,
    45x10, at 45 tilt do 10 positions, at -45 do 10 positions, at -90 tilt 1 position and finally at 90 tilt 1 position.
    -45x10, at -45 do 10 positions
    -90x1, at -90 tilt 1 position
    90x1, at 90 tilt 1 position.

    please be sure first that MECHA DAC is correctly set / paired
    page 12-14

    The scripted presets were provided at request I can explain what is need to change for a preset I provided.

    The presets will be removed from server today and added back one by one with explanations and descriptions
    as well as what is to be changed if the preset needs to be adapted for different number of positions in row or for different number of rows.
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      To activate the use of Nodal Ninja IR Remote,

      please access the config of MECHA-H-DAC
      user: admin
      pass: Mecha

      thick the check box there

      Click image for larger version  Name:	use_NN_IR.png Views:	0 Size:	28.2 KB ID:	32630
      then on [Apply]

      Click image for larger version  Name:	apply.png Views:	0 Size:	8.3 KB ID:	32631
      then plug the receiver to the AUX port. Power off and power on MECHA.
      MECHA will turn on the power supply for the remote after it detects the IR
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        It is quite awkward to use the IR remote because I must plug in the remote, then go to config screen to activate it every time the controller is powered up. Is is possible to make this setting persistent, and have the f/w simply detect when the remote is plugged in/out?

        Also, I can't make the IR remote trigger the loaded preset, or do anything else that is useful. Instructions, please. (This is on C2 f/w 2401)
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          The [x] Use NN Remote is persistent in config you only need to activate it once, then [Apply]

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            I found something which can cause the need to be re-enabled, is fixed now in C2E_02143



            Addressed an issue causing, sometimes, the IR remote to not work and needed to be re-enabled in /config
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